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What does Celtic jewelry mean?

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When you hear the word Celtic, you think of ancient Ireland and Druids performing Mystic rituals, In actuality, people who spoke the Celtic languages lived in many countries in Europe including Greece and Germany. Although they were once thought to have been responsible for Stonehenge, it was proven to be far too old for the Celtics to have anything to do with it.

The celts did not leave a written record of their history as they did not have a written language. They were one of history’s most famously disorganized groups of people. As a result of this, many cultures have put their own spin on Celtic artwork and what it meant. Some of the most popular pieces of Celtic jewelry are trinity knots. However, the Celtics lived before Christ was ever around hence, the holy trinity wouldn’t have existed yet.

There are a few pieces of Celtic-inspired jewelry that are commonly found in jewelry stores and gift shops today. If you are thinking of buying someone a piece of Celtic jewelry as a holiday gift, it can be helpful to know the real meaning of the most popular pieces.

Trinity knot

Although it has come to be a symbol of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, the meaning of the trinity cross is the subject of some debate. Some historians think that it is symbolic of the mother, the maiden, and the crone and that it was meant to honor the three life cycles of a woman. Others believe that it represents something that has no beginning or end. 

When they are given as a gift, they are often thought to represent something eternal such as friendship or love.

Celtic Cross

There is a legend that says Saint Patrick gave Celtic crosses to the pagans he converted to Catholicism. Another theory asserts that the circle in the cross represents the sun which was worshiped by the pagans and the cross represents Christianity. The fact that the cross is on top of the sun is symbolic of Christianity’s triumph over paganism. 

Some historians think this is symbolic of God and goodness, nature, wisdom, and the self. Because the Celtics did not have a written language, there is no way to prove who is correct.

Sailor’s Knot

The sailor’s knot is made up of two knots that are woven together. Historians think Celtic Sailors used to make knots in memory of the family that they left behind when they would go off to sea. 

Spiral Knots

Archaeologists have found spiral knot jewelry located at ancient burial sites. They believe this means that these knots were left to give people safe passage when they died. The piece is comprised of three spirals and represents the journey from physical life to spiritual life.

It would be impossible to know the true meaning of most Celtic designs jewelry. The fact that it is so open to interpretation is what makes it a great gift. Whether you are a naturalist, a Christian, or just someone who appreciates beautiful artwork, you can find a piece of Celtic jewelry that is perfect for you or someone close to you.

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