What Is Considered a Permanent Injury?

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Are you wondering what is considered a permanent injury so that you can get the compensation you need? If you have been injured in an accident, it’s important to make sure you have the compensation necessary to allow you to access resources that could help. 

If you have a personal injury, the damages financially and physically may be ongoing and the compensation you receive should reflect that. To learn more about permanent injuries and how to get compensation for them, keep reading. 

What Is Considered a Personal Injury? 

A permanent injury is one that is likely to never go away. For example, if someone suffers a severed spinal cord, this is considered a permanent injury. There is no cure for this injury yet, and the victim will suffer the injuries for the rest of their life. Other injuries may be harder to define as permanent.

Some victims are able to recover fully even when recovery was not deemed likely. Additionally, some may suffer from injuries that seem less serious but will still affect one’s quality of life. If you are trying to figure out if your injury would be considered permanent, you can consult a personal injury lawyer to find out. 

Permanent injury refers to death, broken bones, severe disfigurement, dismemberment, limitation of a bodily function, loss of a fetus or organ. Additionally, a medically determined impairment or injury that prevents the victim from continuing their daily activities may qualify as a permanent injury.  

How Can You Prove an Injury Is Permanent? 

If you are involved in a car crash, it’s important to seek treatment for any injuries you have experienced right away. For your initial care, you can use your personal injury protection insurance to help you ensure the best chance of recovery. It will also allow you to provide the necessary documentation to prove that an injury is permanent. 

You can file a personal injury lawsuit within three years of the accident. To prove the permanency of an injury, you will need to get an expert opinion from medical professionals that specialize in treating or testing injuries like yours. In some cases, the doctors that treated your injuries or documented your medical records may also count as an expert on your case. 

In other instances, other professionals and experts may be called to examine your conditions and give their opinion to the court. Ask any doctors that have treated you to provide a written professional opinion in regards to your injury if they believe the injury is permanent. 

Permanent Injury: What You Should Know  

If you’ve been in an accident that resulted in what you believe to be a permanent injury, you should make sure to get medical assistance and treatment right away. If you have a permanent injury caused by an accident that you were not at fault for, you should work to make an insurance claim to get the compensation you need using a permanent injury lawyer. 

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