What Mode should be used for Birth Announcement

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Just after a baby is born and the parents are discharged from the hospital, they start thinking about a birth announcement. They want their loved ones to know about the arrival of the newest member of their family. They want everyone to know about this auspicious occasion. 

After the date for the announcement has been decided, the next question that arises is that of the mode of the announcement. Deciding which mode to use depends on various factors. Here, we discuss what model will best suit the parents’ needs.

Using Social Media

Using social media to make this great announcement is the most simple way. It has many advantages. One of the biggest motivations to use it is that it will save the parents a ton of money. The parents will incur no costs. In addition to that, they will be able to reach a large number of people in their social circle.

It also has some drawbacks. Some parents want privacy and don’t want everyone visiting their homes or calling them to congratulate them. In some cases, when the child is unwell, the parents do not want people other than their close family to know about it. In such cases, using social media will not be viable.

Calling People

Another way to inform people of the birth of a child is by calling people directly. It will make people feel they are important to the parents. Immediately after the delivery, this mode should be used to inform close family and friends. Due to its efficiency, one can perform the task quickly. 

However, it has its cons. calling a lot of people will be extremely time-consuming. After birth, the couple have a lot of other things to do. Therefore, they will not have enough time to call everyone. It will also be costlier than social media as you might have to call your friends that are overseas. 

Birth Announcement Cards

Apart from the other two methods, there is also an option of printing custom made birth announcement cards. It is a more formal way of announcing the arrival of the newborn. It gives an aesthetic look and will have all the detailed information. The cards can also be used as an invitation for inviting guests to celebration parties for the child. 

A picture of the child with the family can also be added to the card, giving it a more personalized look. They can customize it to show that it’s a boy announcement or a girl’s.

However, it has its drawbacks. The first thing is that it will cost the family a lot more than using social media or calling them. They will also have to wait for it to be published as it will take some time.


We discussed in detail the various modes that can be used to announce the arrival of a newborn. We also discussed various advantages and drawbacks of these modes. It depends on the parents to choose which mode can serve their purpose well. They can decide accordingly.

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