What you don’t know about vaping.

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Vaping is the process of using an e-cigarette to inhale an aerosol that contains either nicotine or some form of Cannabis, mostly THC which is a psychoactive drug. In the last few years, vaping has exploded in popularity, especially amongst teens. According to a survey, almost 25% of high school students abuse e-cigarettes. 

Vaping is advertised as a better alternative to cigarettes, while this is true that doesn’t mean vaping is harm-free. Many lung diseases are associated with vaping which can increase your chance of dying by over 70%. While the cause of these diseases most commonly occurring in people who vape is pretty much unknown, scientists have gone out of their way to show that nicotine doesn’t impact the lungs as badly as it shows. 

The cause scientists came around to is known as Vitamin E acetate, a nutrient which is mostly used to make vape juices and other e-cigarettes, Vitamin E acetate is oil, if you start inhaling it you can badly damage your Alveoli. Alveoli are bubbles that carry the oxygen from your lungs to your blood, an essential part of the human body. 

Isn’t vaping less harmful than cigarettes? 

As you can probably see on the back of your vape pen, the vape is less harmful than cigarettes. Most cigarette smokers take up vaping to quit smoking which isn’t necessarily wrong, but there are better options out there. Vape is harmful and the only reason it isn’t as harmful as cigarettes are nicotine, while some may argue that nicotine is bad for the lungs, there are other things that are even more harmful than nicotine which a vape has and a cigarette doesn’t.

Vitamin E Acetate is an oil used to make vape juices, or as one would call them, the flavor. The intake of this oil can lead to very serious problems concerning the lungs of humans and is known to cause many vape-related deaths in the United States. 

Both cigarettes and vape products are highly dangerous, not only causing various lung diseases but also causing heart diseases. Vaping was also found to be the reason for heart attacks in teenagers, which should be enough news for you to be considerate about vaping.

What type of vape should cigarette smokers get?

There are three types of vapes or e-cigarettes, some contain THC (a psychoactive drug) which is made from Cannabis, some have nicotine and some are nicotine-free. Vape juices containing THC have psychoactive impacts on people abusing it, varying from getting you high to make you stressed or anxious. 

Products containing THC are always a bad idea to use whereas vape containing nicotine is a good alternative to smokers looking to quit, not only is it affordable and safer than cigarettes, it has many different flavors so the people around you aren’t opposed to your choice. 

Nicotine free e-cigarettes aren’t exactly a better alternative to ones with nicotine or THC, they can cause irritation and inflammation in the lungs. Nicotine free vapes are barely less harmful than vapes with nicotine. If you’re looking to get different kinds of vapor juice, you can shop them online or get them from different stores in-person.

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