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Founded in 1976 by renowned businessman Steve Jobs, Apple has grown to become a highly acclaimed technological organization globally. With rising numbers of customers, it is now evident that the brand charges excessively for its recognition in the industry. And this is partly the reason why all of us feel so intrigued by the company. Over time, Apple has formed an extensive network of old users who continue to use apple mobile phones and do not stray to any other brand. And non-users usually inwardly desire to lay their hands on an iPhone too. The only obstacle in between is the enormous price. However, if you are already considering buying premium phones from other brands, it would be worth considering looking at the cheapest iPhones available in the market right now.


  •  iPhone SE


iPhone SE is among the cheapest iPhones currently available in stores. You cannot find another one at $400. What makes iPhone SE better than iPhone 8? Though they have the same price, the features iPhone SE offers are much more advanced. With an A13 Bionic chipset, 256 GB internal storage, 3 GB RAM, and 1821 mAH battery, iPhone SE is the best option for anyone looking for iPhone at an economical cost. Do we have to mention the sleek metallic body and the range of mesmerizing shades? The outlook is indeed an absolute treat.


  • iPhone XR


A little pricier than iPhone SE, iPhone XR ($599) is your next best option. It is upgraded with more diverse specs and also has a larger dimension. It has a powerful battery of 2942 mAH, 256 GB built-in memory, a 6.1-inch screen with 1792 resolution, and a dual rear camera of 12 MP. Camera quality of iPhones is always outstanding, and this one is no less. There are many bright colors to explore in this range. 


  • iPhone 8


iPhone 8 gives iPhone X gives tough competition with its many specs. It is less costly than the latter and promises similar functions. With a glass screen of 750 resolution and a smooth frame, iPhone 8 feels great to carry around in your hand. However, it is a little thick than other newer generation iPhones. It has a whopping 256 internal storage, 2 GB RAM, and supports wireless charging. 


  • iPhone X


iPhone X has a similar price to XR, but they have a few differences in features. With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple takes a massive leap from iPhone 8. iPhone X has everything the older generations of iPhones did not offer; the specs are more advanced, and there are many new features to explore and enjoy. These include the Animoji option. In addition to this, the device has an A11 Bionic chipset, 2716 mAH battery, and 3 GB RAM. Though a little costly ($1149), iPhone X is a great option to consider.

Conclusively, iPhone SE can be your best choice in all these four phones if you want to buy an iPhone at the lowest price. The phone was recently released and had many upgraded features. It is sure to give you a perfect iPhone experience at a low cost.

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