Why A Career In Music Isn’t A Pipedrea

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It’s not hard to see why aspiring musicians want to break into the industry. Aside from the money and fame, it’s an opportunity to perform day-in, day-out. Lots of people can say music has changed their lives for the better, yet not many can claim it’s because they are bona fide stars.

These might seem like words, though. After all, the industry is exclusive and your dreams aren’t reality. That was once the case; however, the landscape of the sector has evolved from record labels and tour buses.

Today, a music career doesn’t have to be a pipedream if you follow these pointers.

Record Original Music

Some pop stars have the benefit of recording old music and using it to make money. Unfortunately, it’s not a wise option for anyone just starting because it doesn’t emphasize your skills. Also, people are getting bored with young kids with no talent sponging off previous generations, and you don’t want to fall into this category. A Garageband Windows download is a perfect place to begin as it brings a music studio to you. There’s no reason to splash out on a professional setup as the app has all the necessary basics.

Establish A Digital Presence

You want a career, which means you have to treat music like it’s a job. As with all businesses, it’s vital to create a digital presence that has the potential to go viral. This will make you more marketable, and more likely to appeal to audiences who come across your songs on social media channels. As a result, you should invest in a professional website with high-quality web design, high-definition photos, and good recordings that highlight your musical strengths. SoundCloud and YouTube have established themselves as viral monsters, so you should focus on these platforms, as well as LinkedIn.


The reason LinkedIn is useful is that you can use it to network with other musicians. The best performers and artists don’t always get the breaks, so it’s imperative to boost your contact book to increase your opportunities. Of course, the old ways of working aren’t obsolete. For instance, going to your local hotspots and making friends with bar owners and bartenders can land you a weekend gig in front of a packed crowd. In the era of Covid, you might have to be more creative, such as organizing and performing via Zoom.

Keep Your Day Job

Hollywood encourages you to give up everything to pursue your dreams, yet it isn’t very sage advice. Although it’s not as romantic, it’s smarter to keep your day job to ensure there is money coming in. then, you don’t have to put pressure on yourself to be a successful musician. Plus, it’s easy to tailor your job around your passion. Working at a bar is an excellent example since the shift work is flexible and allows performers to do other things while having fun.

You have to work hard to break into the industry, but a music career is by no means a pipedream.

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