10 Retro Gifts for Babies & Kids

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Buying a gift for the little ones in your life can leave you at a loss. What to get, what to get? If you’re thinking about going the retro route with your gift, there’s plenty to consider. From onesies and sneakers to bikes and toys, there are tons of options. Here are 10 retro gift ideas for tiny humans.

1. Hoodies

A hoodie with characters from your favorite 80s or 90s shows makes a great gift. Today’s generation of kids is sporting “Hey Arnold” hoodies and characters from other shows on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel as a tribute to their parents’ favorite TV series.

2. Onesies, T-Shirts and Booties

Consider a onesie or t-shirt with your favorite band on it — a pretty easy way to go as far as gifts. Another option is the infant Air Jordan crib booties or the kids Jordan Retro 1s. Whether it’s your child or a child in your life, either of these ideas would be a cool gift to see them wearing.

3. Hats

Great for any toddler boy, a retro hat reminds us of the good old days and can be worn for photos or special events. There are cloches, berets, fedoras and more. Get your little guy (or gal) the gift of good old fashion.

4. Kids’ Bike

Love the way bikes used to look? Get the baby or child in your life a retro-looking children’s bike that looks like it was made in another decade. 

5. Piggy Bank

A great way to get kids to start saving is to get them a piggy bank. Teach them the joys of saving and investing for the future early with a bank of their own.

6. Toys

Retro toys are another great gift for babies and children. Introduce them to an Etch A Sketch, Lite-Brite, Lincoln Logs or a classic game of Battleship (1967 edition).

7. Virtual Pet

Remember Gigapets and Nano Babies? Well, they’re back. Kind of. The next generation of kids is all about 90s nostalgia and a Gigapet or Nano Pet could be just what the little ones in your life would appreciate.

8. Classic Mickey Mouse Watch

Turn back the hands of time and get your kid a classic Mickey Mouse watch. Teach them how to tell time with their very first timepiece.

9. Game Controller

Game controllers change over the years, but some companies have started making models that look like the older controllers from years past. If the kid in your life likes video games, consider a throwback controller from Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis.

10. Vintage Dresses & Headbands

Who doesn’t love to dress up their little girls in cute dresses and accessories? So why not give the gift of a gorgeous glow up via pretty vintage dresses with matching headbands.

Finding the Perfect Retro Gift

Finding the perfect retro gift for babies or kids in your life might seem difficult, but there are tons of options out there. If old enough, consider what types of things the little ones in your life already like to do and find a gift that incorporates that. If they’re too young, simply use your best judgment.

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