4 Social Media Sites Lawyers Should Be Using

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Many law firms are guilty of overlooking the significance of social media and digital marketing. However, in today’s social media-craze world, potential clients will look up your firm’s name on social media before deciding to give you a call.

While most people see social media as a ground for critics and the platform for young people to show off, it can also be a place to engage with potential clients. You can use social media platforms for your law firm to engage with the community you serve directly. Here are four essential social media platforms lawyers should be using.


Having a Twitter account will make you more approachable. To practice law, good communication skills are a must-have to connect with your clients; and what better way to do this than using social media platforms.

Your clients should be able to open up to you about their issues, finances, and emotional state. These are very sensitive topics that most people would not share unless they can trust you.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for your law firm to connect with your target audience. However, ensure you post content relevant to your clients. You can share educational and comic content related to your firm’s field of practice.


You can use Facebook advertising campaigns to grow your firm and gain new clients. Facebook is one of the best tools to use when looking to develop a relationship with potential clients. To increase your Facebook traffic, you should:

  • Share engaging content
  • Start Facebook groups
  • Create video content
  • Engage in direct messaging
  • Advertise on Facebook

When you consistently post engaging content and always answer direct messages, you have a higher chance of turning engagements into new leads. Ensure you share content that’s relevant to your target audience; it could be something you’re familiar and passionate about or an educational piece of information that will be useful to your audience.

Don’t forget to include your contact information and the physical address of your firm. This will help potential customers reach you easily when they need your services.


LinkedIn is the best social media platform for lawyers to connect and network. There are many attorney groups on LinkedIn that you can join to discuss specific issues with experts in your field of practice. LinkedIn is a good platform for:

  • Knowing what is trending in your industry
  • Getting expert advice on essential issues 
  • Sharing problems and getting solutions from experts

LinkedIn has many legal groups you can connect with. Some have thousands of members. These groups host essential discussions that engage experts on the forum. The discussions include the latest trends and matters affecting your field.


Google+ is the best platform to engage in insightful discussions with people in your industry. All you need is to create a profile and post relevant content that will drive traffic. You should also join communities and groups that post relevant information about your target market. This way, you will learn something as well as contribute to the community.

Are You Ready To Give Social Media a Try?

Now that you understand ways social media can help your firm attract new clients and directly connect with current ones, are you ready to give it a try? Through social media, your firm can build bridges and connect with the community you serve. 

You can also post educational videos and enlightening information that will help your target audience know their legal rights. This way, you will also be building a small community of your own that will gradually keep growing.



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