5 Common-Sense Questions to Ask Your Truck Accident Attorney

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If you’re in an accident with another car, that can be upsetting. It can be truly devastating, though, if a commercial truck hits you. These vehicles are so much larger than cars, and even if one nudges you, it can cause thousands in damage, not to mention significant injuries.

If a commercial truck hits your car, you might decide to bring a lawsuit against the driver, their company, or both. You need to make sure to hire the right lawyer, though. Let’s go over some of the most fundamental questions you should ask your attorney before hiring them.

Are You Willing to Take the Truck Driver or Their Company to Court?

If you’re hiring the right legal counsel, you need to trust they have the ability to represent you in whatever you want to do. That includes suing the truck driver or their company if that’s what it takes to recover the money you need to pay for your medical bills, car repairs, surgeries, medications, etc.

That could mean that you’re going up against the truck driver’s insurance company. They won’t want to pay you any more than they feel you will accept. That might not be as much as you deserve, though.

The lawyer or law firm you want should be ready and willing to go to court for you if that’s what you need. They should assure you from the very beginning that they have no qualms about doing that.

Do You Have the Ability to Handle My Case?

There is a difference between a first-year lawyer who’s working on their own and a twenty-year veteran with a well-known firm backing them up. The second choice will always be better than the first. They have the experience you want, but they also have the financial and legal resources on which you might have to rely.

If you need to sue the truck driver or their company, your lawyer might have to hire an investigator to prove what you say occurred. The truck driver might tell a different story than yours, and it is your lawyer who must prove your case if you’re going to get a jury to decide in your favor.

Also, you want to be sure your lawyer has the time to handle your lawsuit. If they’re busy with multiple other clients, you might go to someone else based on that alone.

What Damages Might I Recover?

You should also ask your prospective lawyer what damages you might be able to recover, based on the crash details you have given them. When trying or determine whether you want to move forward, you should understand what money might be at stake.

Your attorney might tell you that you can recover residential modification costs, lost wages, or medical expenses. You might also talk about non-economic damages, such as companionship loss, accidental death costs, life enjoyment loss, or emotional and mental anguish.

If you understand that there’s potentially a lot of money at stake, that might convince you to move forward. On the other hand, if an attorney tells you it’s probably not worth pursuing the lawsuit, you might decide to scrap the whole idea.

Do You Feel I Have a Case?

This leads directly to the next question you should ask, which is whether you have a case or not. Your lawyer is presumably much more experienced in this area than you will ever be. They will have seen these types of lawsuits play out, and they’ll probably know what you need to win.

If they feel like you don’t have that, they are likely going to try and dissuade you from moving forward. If you think they’ll push you to sue, that’s usually not the case, particularly if you’re paying them on a contingency basis.

If they feel like the lawsuit has no merit, they’re not going to want to waste their time representing you. Every time they lose, their reputation takes a hit, so they’ll be thinking about that as well.

Have You Had Experience with These Cases Before?

Commercial truck accident lawsuits are a particular variety. Not every lawyer will represent you in these cases. You want to find a lawyer who specializes in them or who has at least handled some of them in the past.

If your attorney has never attempted such a lawsuit before, you will probably want someone more experienced. Some law firms handle only accident cases, and commercial truck crashes in particular.

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