5 Hobbies we can do From Home During Lockdown?

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Who holds the record for the number of Netflix hours watched over the last year? I feel like I must at least be a contender. With no immediate end in sight to at least some restrictions on how much we can get out and lead our regular lives, we should look to more productive uses of our time. With that in mind, here are five hobbies we can do from home during the lockdown.

Arts & Crafts 

Arts and crafts are always fun, especially when you involve the kids. I’ve lost count of the number of days and nights spent drawing, tying, making, or gluing things with the little ones. It’s a fun way to whittle away the hours, and you have something nice to look at once finished. Our family kitchen would never be the same without the wonky pictures stuck to the fridge or the weird and wonderful cardboard creations that litter the bedrooms and living room.


Returning to nature and getting our hands dirty has benefits. I find it key to keeping my mental health strong and resilient during tough times. If we are lucky enough to live near the countryside, then getting out for hikes and walks can help fulfill this urge. But not everyone is this lucky, many of us are restricted to a more urban setting. This does not have to be the thing that denies us the chance of connecting with the natural world. Gardening can bring us much joy; the thrill of growing something from nothing has no rival. Even if we do not have much space Urban Gardening is a trend that is growing stronger these days.


Games have always been a way in which humans have passed the time, the popular ancient Chinese board game of Go, created over 4,000 years ago and still going strong. Traditional games are enjoying somewhat of a renaissance due to new digital versions on the internet. Take poker as an example, there is no shortage of online poker sites, some where you play for real money and others just for fun. You can find guides for strategy and skills such as managing a short stack in poker. If you are so minded, you could play games for the rest of your days and never run out of options.


If your house is anything like mine, there will always be a list as long as your arm of things requiring repair. Upping your DIY skills can be a great way to spend this extra time at home. Fixing and decorating the house will make you feel immeasurably better about being around the place.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Why not take the time to learn a musical instrument? Learning an instrument is one of the most common ambitions on our to-do list that they never find the time to do. Now there is no excuse, if you can’t find the time now, you never will. Even though we can’t visit an instructor you can have lessons over video chat software or even use an app to learn.


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