5 Interesting Facts About Chicago Homes You May Not Have Known

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Are you considering a move to Chicago? Every city has its own unique charms, and Chicago is no different. Read on to discover some interesting facts about Chicago homes that might convince you

Chicago Homes Are the Inspiration for Gotham City

Although it’s more commonly known as the Windy City, Chicago is also known to be both the inspiration and the filming location for Gotham City, the comic book home of Batman and the Joker.

You’re probably safe from these DC villains amongst the other 2.6 million residents in Chicago, but keep an eye out for some iconic filming locations next time you’re out and about in the city.

Downtown Is Known as the Loop

Downtown Chicago is nicknamed the Loop, referring to how the area is encircled by the city’s elevated train system, the L. The train tracks quite literally loop overhead, so it’s always easy to tell when you’re in the downtown area and when you’re not.

What’s more, the L is a useful navigation tool no matter where you are. The huge tracks can be seen all over the city, so you can use the stations to orient yourself if you ever get lost.

Chicago Homes Are Higher Than They Once Were

If you’re looking at any old-style Chicago bungalo or house, you’re probably looking at it from a higher position than it was 200 years ago. Over a period of 20 years at the end of the 19th Century, the city literally lifted most of its buildings, to make room for a new sewage system.

Although it was quite a labor-intensive feat, it was necessary to keep the city clean and safe from disease. Raising the city’s buildings was the only way to modernize the city’s sanitation system.

Chicago Real Estate Prices Survived the Pandemic

Although the real estate market undoubtedly went through some changes, the prices in Chicago didn’t plummet as they did in other regions. This is likely due to the fact that real estate prices in the Windy City were not overinflated before, so they didn’t suffer as badly as other cities’ real estate.

That also means that this could be a good time for any Chicago residents to sell your house fast for cash. You might not get a deal like this again.

Chicago Is Well-Known for Its Parks

As well as some charming homes, Chicago is also well-known for its plentiful and historic community areas. The phrase urbs in horto, or city in the garden, is often used to describe Chicago because they pair urban areas with parks so well.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t have a park in the nearby vicinity, and the city government does well at keeping them in good shape.

Keen to Learn More?

Now that you’re all clued up on Chicago homes, why not find out some more real estate facts about cities all over the country? Each city has its own charming history to uncover, so dive into our real estate articles and see what new facts you can discover.


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