5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie Industry

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You may well have watched hundreds of films in your life but do you know all the tricks of the trades when it comes to the movies? Some of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets may surprise you!

  1. Editing A Movie Takes Longer Than Shooting It

Believe it or not, producers and directors spend more time trawling through raw footage and b-roll trying to piece together their films than they spend on set actually shooting them. The average movie takes double the amount of time to edit as it does film. Who would have thought?! Post-production is really important in that sense and is the most crucial part of the film-making experience.  

  1. Lots of Crowd Scenes Aren’t Real

Think about some of your favorite sporting films, do you really think that they filmed an entire stadium in order to film with? Of course not! Thanks to the magic of CGI, gathering crowds to feature in the backdrop of a movie is actually a much more straightforward task. It’s more cost-effective too – imagine having to pay for all those additional extras just to fill a stadium! The CGI team has quite a task on its hands though, normally each individual member of a crowd is rendered.

  1. Vegetables Are Used To Create Sounds In Horror Movies

Next time you are watching one of your favorite horror films and you hear the sound of bones cracking or a character screeching, you might be surprised to learn that these noises are produced by cracking vegetables in half. A carrot snapping in two is an easy substitute for the sound of a leg break or similar! 

  1. Intimate Scenes Are Controlled By A Dedicated Coordinator

That’s right. Following the recent ‘Me Too’ movement which highlighted some of the dreadful sexual misconduct and harassment regularly taking place in movie studios across the industry, the majority of filmmakers now employ an Intimacy Coordinator whose job is to make those awkward, intimate scenes much safer for the actors involved in shooting them. You can imagine how important this is when filming a movie like 50 Shades of Grey

In charge of protecting the mental wellbeing of both the crew and cast, an Intimacy Coordinator is an important member of any production team, and global giants Netflix regularly deploy them on set. Intimate scenes are also often filmed last during the production process to allow the cast to become more familiar with one another. This can help to reduce the awkwardness. 

  1. Absolutely No Mobiles Or Cameras Are Permitted On Set

Understandably, there are no smartphones allowed on Hollywood sets, with almost all directors and producers terrified that members of the crew or cast might intentionally or accidentally leak spoilers. There have even been incidents where high-profile actors have even been booted out of film sets due to having their phones on them!

This is by no means an exhaustive list – there are plenty more secrets that Hollywood movie directors are hiding from you! However, next time you are watching a film you will know what to look out for.

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