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A Beginner’s Guide To Good Investments

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Investing can be confusing when you first start out. Deciding how much to invest, and what to invest it in, can be tricky. Luckily, other people have been where you are and have discovered what items are the best to invest in. Here is the beginner’s guide to good investments. 


If you want to invest in property without dealing with tenants, farmland is the right option for you. 

  • You can invest in fields that grow cash crops like almonds, corn, and rice. 
  • People will always need food, so there will always be land producing it. 
  • Another way to make money with farmland is to rent it out to companies that can use it for cell phone towers or transmission towers. 


Unlike most investments, the price of gold goes up in times of economic uncertainty. So even in the event of a global disaster, it’s a form of currency you’ll be able to sell at a profit.

  • Gold has an internationally recognized value. Stock markets can crash, and paper money can lose its value, but precious metals have proven they’re here to stay.
  • Gold is accepted as a form of currency everywhere in the world, so it’s an investment that will have value no matter where you go.
  • If you’re not sure what to look for or where to go when buying gold, start with the best place to buy gold online.

Rental Properties

Housing is always in high demand, so if you don’t mind finding tenants, rental properties could be the choice for you.

  • Before purchasing your first investment property, make sure you know what to look out for when viewing your new potential real estate. 
  • Begin by owning a single home. If you live in an area that tourists like to visit often, consider renting the home as a vacation property.
  • If you don’t live in a tourist city, rent the property to qualified tenants with a standard six to twelve months lease. 
  • Home-sharing sites and apps are great for renting out your property short-term, but make sure to check your local zoning laws first. Some cities and towns do not allow those kinds of rentals.


This category is a big one because there are so many kinds of collectibles. Here’s what to ask to determine if it’s right for you.

  • Is there something you already enjoy collecting that could potentially gain value later on?
  • Do you have a safe physical space to keep your collectibles in? Depending on what they’re made of they may have unique requirements for care.
  • Are you good at determining trends? Flipping collectibles is the quickest way to make a profit but you have to have a good sense of what is most wanted by buyers.


Stocks are probably the most well-known investment, and for good reason. Many of the wealthiest Americans own large blocks of stock in public or private operations. If you’d like to join them, keep these tips in mind.

  • If you’re just starting out, use a guide to investing in stocks to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot.
  • A company can be doing well, but suffer in the market if it upsets investors. Pick companies that have a track record of keeping investors happy.
  • You can profit from owning stocks when the price goes up, or when you receive quarterly dividend payments. 
  • Blue-chip stocks are well-known companies that have a history of paying out consistent dividends even when the economy isn’t doing well. There are no completely safe bets when it comes to stock, but these have a history of performance to back them up.

Now that you’ve read this beginner’s guide to good investments, you can make sure you’re picking the best options for you and your future.


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