A Comprehensive Guide for the Best Ways to Sell Wine Online

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Selling wine online is not that easy as going on eBay, Craigslist, or other websites. Though many people hold on to their wines for years, you might want to sell your collection and make the most of it.

In recent times, wine enthusiasts and winery owners are at the cusp of a booming online wine market. The eCommerce market for wine is expected to grow by 7.7% annually. 

From auction houses to marketplaces and forums, there are different ways you can sell wine online hassle-free without sparing too much of your energy and time. So why say no when you can sell off your wine collections for fair prices from your home?

You Can Sell It on Online Marketplaces

You can sell wine online through various online wine retailers. Marketplaces like eBay connect the seller and consumer directly. It gives you a good chance to sell your wine to buyers in any part of the world.

Compared to buying wine in person from retailers, online marketplaces give you the comfort and convenience to make the transactions from home. Online platforms facilitate the buyers to compare prices and check reviews and have cellar teams inspect the bottles without leaving the comfort of their homes.

But you have to choose the online marketplace carefully. The one you choose should assure you of bottle quality, the product’s safety, and refunds to the buyers if there are any damages.

Online Auctions

You can also sell wine online through auction houses. Some auction houses allow both online and in-person auctions. But the most important point to keep in mind is whether the online auction house is licensed. 

If you plan to sell a big collection of fine wines, you have to consider multiple options. Shop around to three or four auction houses and get a legitimate estimate. Analyze the estimates and then settle for the right auction house.

From Vintage Champagne to Sauternes and Barolo, you can sell different types of fine wine at the auction. Many websites conduct auctions every week. Online auctions are also one of the rarest modes, where you can sell individual wine bottles. From the pickup of your bottles to shipping it to end customers and settling your payment for the sale, online auction places help you conduct wine sales online efficiently.

Local Wine Forums

If you are connected with a cohort of other wine aficionados through clubs or forums, then you can use it as a viable avenue to sell your wine online. There are many websites where you can simply post and ask if anyone is interested in any of your wine collection. You also have the liberty to keep the sale private.

As shipping is illegal without permits, you have to ensure that you deal with local transactions and ask the buyers to pick up the sold wine.

Online Wine Trading Platforms

It is another option to sell wine online without much hassle. But if you want quick sales, then this may not be your forte. Online trading platforms allow wine connoisseurs to buy, sell and store wine in their warehouses. 

It is the best way to sell wine online if you are aiming for the global market. The online platform takes care of the logistics of shipping your wine internationally.

Social Networking

Online trading platforms are a great way to sell wine, but peer-to-peer selling makes the process easier if you sell on a small scale. To keep the sale small and straightforward, word of mouth around the inner circles will be your best bet.

You can make use of your social networking skills to reach people locally. As the rules and regulations remain the same, you have to get the right permits before shipping the wine offshore.

Sell On Your Retail Website

If you are not taken with selling your wine through third-party platforms, then you can sell your wine online by yourself. You have to take the required steps to get the necessary licenses and permits before selling your wine.

It may not be a good option for selling off a wine collection just once. If you plan to sell wine online on an on-going basis, you can develop your website and get into the business.

Traditional Auctions

Lastly, if you have an extensive collection of wines, you can consider deviating from online platforms and choosing traditional auction houses. Generally, if you have a valuable collection of wines, your best bet is wine auctions, both in-person and online auction.

Sometimes wine sale laws can be complicated to navigate through. If you have a stellar wine collection, then the best option is to work with third-parties. As they will already have the required documents in place, it will be easy for you to sell your wine and at a fair price. 

So if you plan to sell the whole collection or a part of it, then selling it through licensed online auction houses is the best way to go.


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