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Advice When Buying Special Pearl Or Diamond Jewelry

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If you are looking to buy a special piece of jewelry, chances are it will incorporate diamonds or pearls. So, what should you consider?

Five things you need to consider when buying diamond jewelry

Dear men, we know that buying jewelry for the one that you love can be a difficult challenge. After all, we certainly don’t expect you to be an expert on all things sparkly and shiny. Nevertheless when it comes to spoiling your partner, particularly if buying something as precious as engagement bands, then you need to ensure that you get it right. We women won’t settle for second best – especially if we have to wear the ring on our finger for the rest of our lives! But don’t worry; as the following five points will guide you in the right direction and ensure you buy jewelry which will create a genuine smile.

Color – There are lots of different color gemstones available from online jewelers. Nevertheless, when buying a special piece of jewelry it is always recommended that you opt for a colorless diamond. There are several reasons as to why this is the case. First and foremost, it’s likely that your partner will wear the jewelry all of the time, and clear diamond jewelry goes with anything. In addition to this, it is something which has acquired a timeless quality, and so is unlikely to ever be deemed dated or unfashionable. And most importantly, the sheer beauty you will gain is something undeniable; the way in which the light reflects off a clear diamond and sparkles is simply stunning. 

Carat – This is a term which relates to the weight of the diamond; one carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams. Essentially; the bigger the carat weight of the diamond the more valuable it becomes, and so the more expensive it tends to be. An important point to note is that “karat” is another familiar jewelry term, yet this related to the purity of gold.

Cut – This can be a point which is quite difficult to understand for the untrained eye. Nevertheless, once you have a basic knowledge you should be best equipped to find the right cut diamond. Firstly, it is important to be aware of the fact that the cut does not refer to the shape of the gemstone. It’s all about reflectivity and finding a diamond which is cut to the right proportions so that the light reflects beautifully and creates that magical glistening effect. A diamond which appears to be very shallow or alternatively very deep is usually undesirable because the light leaks out.

Company – The importance of finding a good jeweler is something which should not be underestimated. Make sure you seek a company with a credible reputation. Moreover, there are lots of jewelers out there, so ensure you find one that specifically caters to your needs. Companies like can assist if you are worried about the cost.  

Clarity – The final factor that you need to consider is clarity. Finding a perfect diamond can be a difficult challenge. There are lots which have imperfections or flaws because of the substantial amount of pressure they withstand when being created. Nevertheless, some diamonds obviously contain more blemishes than others. So make sure you bear this in mind before purchasing.

Everything that you need to know about buying pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is simply stunning. It has that luxurious and lavish quality to it which makes you get lost in its dreamy appearance. Every woman should have some pearls in their jewelry box; they are classically timeless pieces which will never be viewed as dated or unfashionable. Moreover, they ooze confidence, sophistication and glamour. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression, you know which type of jewelry you should be rocking.

If you are on the lookout of a piece of pearl based jewelry then you will need to be aware of the different types of pearls available, the latest trends and how to know if the pearls are of good quality or not. Take a look at our guide for a helping hand…

How to tell whether the pearls are of good quality

When buying any piece of jewelry the first thing that you need to check for is quality. After all, a poor quality pearl can lose its beauty very quickly and you need to be sure that your money is being spent on something valuable and long-lasting. Pearls are most commonly graded via the following system; A, A+, AA, AA+ and AAA. The latter option is recognized as the most desirable; they are perfectly round, without flaw and simply lustrous. 

Different types of pearls available

There are several different types of pearls which you can find on pieces of jewelry, and so it is important to know a little bit more about them. We’ve picked two of the most popular options to give you a greater insight…

Tahitian Pearls – These modern pearls are deep, dark and inviting. They are available in grey and black shades, and there are some fantastic overtone shades as well, such as aubergine and peacock. Moreover, they are cultured in French Polynesia via Pinctada margaritifera saltwater oysters.

Akoya Pearls – These pearls are widely loved and are cultured in the Pinctada fucata martensli; the smallest pearl-bearing saltwater oyster. They are well known for their small size, with some being as minute as 2mm. Furthermore, they come in a whole host of different colors; from blue to gold to pink to green.

Current trends in pearl jewelry

Being up to date with the latest trends is pivotal if you want to be a true fashionista, and there are some fantastic styles of pearl based jewelry available today. One of the most popular trends is metallic pearls. The fashion industry has gone wild for shiny silvers and beautiful bronzes. So, metallic effect pearls can turn your outfit into a show-stopping ensemble. Aside from this, big pearl stud earrings are a great choice for the winter period.

Custom made pearl jewelry

If you want a special piece of jewelry which is unique to you and contains everything that you are looking for then you should seek a custom made service. This will ensure that you get the right pearls to suit your style and your budget.



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