Awesome game apps to disconnect from work

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Many professionals are always on their computers to keep up with developing emails and work updates. On weekends, we keep peeping in our phones and tablets to check if we have any work emails even though we are supposed to be taking some time off. Remember, monotonous working without play affects your general output. That’s why software developers have come up with new puzzle technologies to make your free-times productive. We want to make your free-times entertaining with the best game apps. Check out our reviews and make a step to download the game puzzles you find to suit your capabilities.


  • Monument Valley game app


Talk of adventure, entertainment, and skills development! The monument valley puzzle game is a fascinating exploration through unique architecture and geometry. The player guides princess Ida through monuments discovering hidden paths and optical illusions. The game has beautiful temples and palaces inspired by real-life architecture.

It’s quite simple to plays and comes with a background playing music that captures all your mind senses focusing on helping Ida explore. The game app allows for cloud saving, and best of all, it’s compatible with both phones and tablets.


  • Faraway Puzzle escape


Download the faraway puzzle escape game app and get lost solving ancient escape puzzles. The game includes 18 grand 3D temple escape puzzles. The puzzles demand much concentration for you to solve the mystery. This helps you forget all about checking those work emails and messages for a moment and enjoy a “me-time” without distraction.

With the faraway escape game, you will explore exciting secrets from the escape temple. For the game to be more addictive, the faraway game app has soundtracks and beautiful graphic themes. The game is free up to level nine.



  • 2048 original Game app


Juggle with number games and number puzzles with this fantastic game app. 2048 original is an adult mind game, perfect for a productive evening later leaving the office. Download the application and enjoy free gaming offline anytime. The game up includes a combination of free games, fun and challenging game levels for older gamers.

Solve those number puzzles with a slide and merge movement; quite simple to play. The gamer has a chance to choose between square and rectangle boards to their preference. The top scorer on each level and an overall ranking of all players are shown on the leaderboard.


  • Bubble Shooter Rainbow game app


Bubble Shooter Rainbow game app is a color-matching puzzle. The game is quite fun but challenging to master all the tricks before you become a pro. Focus, match and shoot those color bubbles effortlessly. With over 2000 levels, you got a chance to challenge your color-matching puzzle skills further. No internet connection is needed when playing.

The higher the scores, you earn stars and uncovers new powerful game bonuses. When playing the bubble shooter rainbow game, all your body senses are held captive. A better way to forget all the lousy days you had at work!

Make puzzle game playing a tradition if you are looking for a better way to forget the office’s dull moments. With mobile game apps, there comes new magic incomparable to social media.

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