CBD and Smoking: Successfully Kick the Habit

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Millions of people light cigarettes every day, despite the desire to quit. The percentage is steadily dropping, but tobacco and nicotine still account for the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. All genders, races, and ages battle the addiction that causes cancer, respiratory issues, heart complications, and strokes. Over the years, researchers have been searching for a way to assist smokers in quitting the habit. People have tried nicotine replacement products, hypnosis, counseling, and sheer willpower. This website even offers tobacco-free products to help. However, now people are turning to CBD.

Research Weighs In

People make claims all the time, but that does not mean they are necessarily true. Researchers step in and run tests on products and clinical studies to determine if there is proof in the claim. Current science is showing positive results with using CBD to stop smoking, but many advise that a person does not rely on one method alone.

In clinical studies, people have discovered the cravings are diminished, and withdrawal symptoms are managed. CBD works with the body in a safe, all-natural way. CB1, serotonin, and dopamine receptors are cloned in CBD. While smoking suppresses these aspects of the neurological system in the body, CBD nurtures it. Quitting tobacco without replacing these connections cause depression, anxiety, inability to focus, and headaches. When using CBD as part of your treatment, researchers have documented a 40-percent decline in smoking.

For the best chance at success, consult with your physician and create a support group. CBD can manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, but habits are hard to break. You want people who are willing to help by not smoking around you and prevent you from going to shops that sell tobacco products.

CBD Products Available

People who want to switch to CBD have a variety of types to choose from. It is recommended that you steer clear of vaping or smoking because your body will struggle with breaking the habit of smoking. Liquid oil can be added to beverages or placed directly under the tongue. CBD infused gum is available for people who need something to keep their mouth busy when cravings are hard. The best options are edibles and hard candies. Products from offer different types of CBD with long-lasting effects. You can find full spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate, and each type is designed to work better for symptoms you are battling. Therefore, talking to a counselor who understands the effects of cannabinoids is advised to help find the best products for your needs.


According to current research, CBD offers safe alternatives to smoking. Unlike nicotine replacement treatments of the past, cannabinoids are not constructed of addictive chemicals. Patches and gum still contain the highly addictive nicotine, which makes long-term success a battle. This should be part of the treatment plan, instead of a stand-alone solution. Medical professionals will assist in coping with the triggers you experience that make you want to light another cigarette and monitor how the CBD affects your system.

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