Countertops Look a Hot Mess? Here’s How to Organize Your Makeup

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If you’re feeling a little overrun by your makeup, you’re not alone. The average woman spends around $313 per month on her appearance—which usually means splurging on skin care products and more. That can make for a pretty hefty makeup cabinet!

But if makeup is a huge hobby of yours, you’ve probably looked up at some point to find your drawers and organizers overflowing with products, which also lie scattered across your countertops.

So how do you take back your makeup station and clear out the cosmetic clutter? Here’s what you should know about how to organize your makeup with ease.

Take Stock of Your Makeup

Before you get in too deep, it’s time to wade through your current collection to see where you stand. First, pull everything out and toss it into piles according to type.

This is also the time to take stock of what’s working and what isn’t—both in terms of your current makeup and your organization.

Have a trash can handy so you can throw away anything that you no longer use. Feel free to test them out as needed, but don’t get too distracted!

You should also toss any items that are broken or old: most makeup isn’t designed to last more than a year, though the lifespan ranges by product. In many cases, you’ll see a 3M, 6M, or 12M on the container to designate three, six, or twelve months. This, of course, is contingent upon you actually remembering when you bought each product!

As for your organizational system, decide where you tend to see the most clutter.

Do you end up digging out everyday favorites that you currently store in the back? Do you have a lot of clutter in one area that’s easier to access than others? Have you forgotten a series of makeup items because they’re in a place you never think to look?

As you pull out your products, do some serious soul-searching to figure out what your new space could look like.

Get the Right Tools

Once you have a better idea of how much of each type of makeup you own, you’ll be in a better place to organize it all. If you’re in the market for a new organizational system, now is the time to consider the right tools for the job!

Organizers You Have on Hand

Wondering how to organize your makeup without buying anything? You probably already have plenty of items at home that you can use to store your makeup. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Empty tea tins or mason jars to display your brushes
  • Pencil holders for your lipstick and lip gloss
  • Colored silicone ice cube trays for individual eyeshadows
  • A magazine rack for your eyeshadow palettes
  • Tupperware containers for your odds and ends
  • A lazy susan to hold your essentials
  • A cupcake stand to showcase your perfumes
  • A silverware tray for eyeliners and makeup brushes
  • A back-of-door organizer for all your little containers

If you’re prepared to get crafty, you can find plenty of adventurous DIY tutorials for makeup storage online. From painted cardboard boxes to magnetic wall racks, you can make a custom setup for your favorite makeup tools with just a few supplies!

Store-Bought Storage Solutions

If you want a storage solution designed specifically for makeup, you’ll want a store-bought version. The right organizer can keep all of your essentials displayed for easy access with less fuss. No matter what you’re storing, check out these easy inserts from For Her Vanity:

With the store-bought route, be sure to pay extra attention to the details. Measure your drawer before you buy a drawer insert, for example, and make sure a countertop system is small enough to fit on your counter.

Clean Out Your Space

If you kept everything stuffed in a drawer or storage system, you might be surprised at how dirty it’s gotten. This is a great opportunity to do some spring cleaning!

If your storage system is small, you can remove it and toss it into the dishwasher or kitchen sink for a good scrubbing. If it’s too large, consider scrubbing it outside by hand, or wiping it down with sanitizing products indoors.

Don’t forget to also clean those makeup brushes! Most of us don’t do this as often as we should—at least once a month—so grab a gentle soap and get to work.

Decide How to Set It Up

As you consider your choice of organizers—along with the volume of each type of makeup—it’s important to stop and think about how you want to organize your new vanity area.

Will you be setting up shop across your countertop, or would you rather hide everything away in a drawer? Which essentials do you want to display in a place of prominence, and which rarely used makeups can be stuffed toward the bottom of your organizer?

Take a step back and consider how your vanity space will fit together. Depending on your preferences, you may want to figure out how to put your most-used items in a place of prominence, or to display products by type. Some people even find it easiest to organize objects by shade!

Once you’re ready, put your makeup products into place in their organizer—and make a mental commitment to keeping them in the right place in the future.

If you don’t already have them, finishing touches like mirrors and lighting can be a great way to add a little “wow” to your new makeup station as well!

Know How to Organize Your Makeup

From tossing up old cosmetics to cleaning a disorderly drawer, it’s always a good idea to know how to organize your makeup. Though the task can feel daunting—especially if you have mountains of products scattered across the room—the steps above can help you take back your messy countertops and create a makeup station you’ll love to sit at.

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