Easy Steps to Prepare your Car for Shipping

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Your car was professionally designed to offer you a comfortable ride, but sometimes there are good reasons to transport it to a different location. If you’re moving, selling the car, or sending a lovingly-restored collectible to be displayed in an automobile show, you will need a reliable auto transporter to deliver it safely. Follow these steps to ensure your vehicle is delivered safely.

Gather the car’s documents

Any reliable CA to TX auto transport company will want sufficient proof that you own the car. To avoid last-minute file cabinet searches or shipment delays, gather the car ownership documents in advance. These documents include vehicle registration documents, proof of auto insurance, original vehicle title, and bill of sale. You should also have unexpired identification documents such as your passport or driver’s license.

Wash your car

 Cleaning your car thoroughly before shipping may sound counterintuitive. However, starting with a clean vehicle lets you see existing dust, scratches, and dings on your vehicle. If you already know the current damage to your vehicle, it becomes easy to identify new damage that might occur during transportation.   We highly recommend researching before choosing a  vehicle from A to B for shipping.

Do not forget the vehicle interior; clear out clutter and wipe down surfaces so that your vehicle can be transported while it’s clean both inside and outside.

Document pre-existing damage

Once your vehicle is clean, inspected both outside and inside and note pre-existing damage. This includes discolorations, dents, paint chips, and scratches. Do you now understand why cleaning your car is essential before you hand it over to a FL to TX transport company?

Whether you choose an open carrier car transportation service or an enclosed option, it is unlikely that your vehicle will be damaged during transportation. However, it is still wise to document the current damage. This will make it easier to fill out the condition report once your vehicle arrives. The pictures you take and other forms of documenting damage will serve as proof in case of the car transportation company denies responsibility for damages that occurred during vehicle transit.

Remove the items stored in the car.

If you are running low on space in your van or truck, you might be tempted to keep a few boxes in your car before shipping. The items parked in the vehicle will not be insured against theft or damage. Besides, most transportation companies that offer FL to TX shipping services can be fined for moving personal belongings in the car. So, remove items like water bottles, charging cables, sunglasses, GPS devices, chopsticks, and any forms of junk in the car.

Perform necessary maintenance

If you plan to transport an inoperable vehicle, inform the auto transporter, but the car cannot be driven on and off their truck. Check for leaks and other mechanical issues and top of any form of fluids. Leaks should be repaired before you are vehicle is picked up. Other maintenance activities involve battery charge, tire pressure, and more. It is easy to ship a car from Florida to California, particularly if you choose the right shipping company and prepare your car for shipping.

Whenever in doubt, contact the vehicle shipping company.

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