Easy-to-follow Checklist for Preventive Maintenance of your Forklift

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You spend your hard-earned money buying the best-quality forklift from a reliable brand such as Crane or Hyundai. Hence, consider it your responsibility to maintain the equipment for long-term use. All the reputed brands concerned with the creation of forklift ensure quality in the first place. However, the continuous use of this equipment in lifting and moving the heavy material may lead to mechanical or technical defects.

Proper maintenance of your equipment not only helps to extend its life and durability, but also maintains its performance in the long-run. You may as well take note of some of the most common preventive maintenance tips that shall help you increase the life and quality of your forklift.

We have listed down some easy instructions. Follow them for your forklift maintenance and prevent your machine from all sorts of impairments:

Check the performance of the engine: 

It is the first and the foremost preventive maintenance tip for your forklift that shall save it from extreme damages. 

Start your Hyundai forklift and run it briefly while listening to the performance of the engine. Pay attention to all the knocks and misses. Check if the engine is making a squealing sound. check for the exhaust leaks and its transmission. If you find any of these parts damaged, get in touch with the professional service center and fix it at once. Hyundai forklift transmission repair and engine repair are essential to enhance the overall performance of your machine.

Inspect the other parts of the machine: 

The preventive maintenance of a forklift also includes inspecting the other parts of the machine for defects and fixing these loopholes. While performing such maintenance, do not overlook the areas such as the gauges, horn, safety warning devices, outside lights, cab lights, back-up lights, overhead guard, etc. for proper operation. Check for the burnt-out bulbs and make repairs at once. You do not necessarily require professional servicing to repair these parts. A local mechanic shall help you with the same.

Test the battery of the forklift truck: 

The next important area to consider during the preventive maintenance of your equipment is its battery. The battery compartment is to be taken care of from time to time. Clean the terminal of the battery, its cables, as well as connectors. We also suggest you open each cell cap of the battery and check for the fill-levels. If they require water, fill them with water. Do not forget to apply a protectant on the connectors as this helps to ward off corrosion. Leave all the battery cables disconnected when not in use.

Other areas to pay attention to: 

Apart from inspecting and repairing all the vital parts as preventive maintenance, probe into other areas. For example, it is essential to drain the oil from your forklift while storing it. Change the oil filter from time to time. Change the hydraulic filter, fuel filter, transmission filter, and air filter. Installation of new filters into the machine increases its life and durability. Note down the date of changing the filters and keep track of their efficacy. Inspect the anti-freeze in the cooling system.

Lastly, check the belts present on the engine. Examine the engine for frays or cracks on the belts. We advise you to perform a visual check on the exhaust system of the equipment and fix all the holes or cracks present in the same.


Preventive maintenance of your forklift is extremely important to avoid all kinds of mishaps and accidents while operating the machine. Always start by making a checklist of such maintenance, and tick all the boxes available.


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