How You Can Adapt Your Business To Be Covid Resilient

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses across the world to adapt to new demands and challenges. From the temporary closure of brick-and-mortar stores through to creating whole teams of remote workers, many businesses have managed to come out the other side. 

Some great examples are below: 

Offering Contact Free Collections 

If you had a brick-and-mortar store, and this was the main way of servicing your customers, COVID-19 will most likely hit you hard. Many businesses have started to adapt to this and have started to offer a contact-free collection for any goods that they do sell. From custom industrial sheds with a one-way system to offer social distancing and no contact, through to parking up and items been placed in the boot of your car, there are many ways that you can offer a contact-free service to your customers and fight back. 

Becoming Delivery-Friendly

Delivery services are not new. However, a lot of business have now become very creative with the way they offer their products who aren’t able to visit stores or restaurants fro collection. Many businesses have adapted their product to make them available for takeaway including things such as a cook-at-home kit. Think about a way you could make your products accessible to those who can’t access the collection at the moment. Even if it’s a box to tick to show they are isolating and that a package needs to be left somewhere safe, it’s a great start. 

Take Advantage Of Online

Like above, online is essential for any business at this time. Little or no opportunities are being created from people passing your stores or restaurants, therefore, you need to have an online presence to stay in touch with your customers. You should make sure you update your social media platforms as well as your company website, making them engaging and easy to use for your customers. If you’re not able to offer in-person help and support to your customer base, consider making tutorials or videos showcasing new available stock. This is great for those customers who like to see a product in action before deciding to buy. 

Plan Ahead 

It’s is essential for you to be ready to reopen when you can. Throughout this time so far businesses have learnt that they need to be able to act quickly. Preparing to re-open is a great way to use your time in these circumstances, especially if it means you are less busy than usual. You could even make long-term plans for growth and restructure. It’s just as important to plan for the future as well as try to find ways to continue your cash flow during COVID-19 closures. Looking at new products, and planning sales in advance could both be good ways to utilize this time too. And don’t forget to use this opportunity to offer remote training for your staff. 

These times are certainly challenging and demanding for businesses, especially if you have had to change a lot of the ways you are used to. What ways have you had to adapt during COVID-19? Please share some of them in the comments below. 


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