Long-Distance Relationship: Pros and Cons That You Should Know About

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Today, we live in a generation where computers and smartphones have the capacity to talk and see people in real-time. Unfortunately, despite this technological advancement, most long-distance relationships are still doomed to fail in the long run. On the contrary, some are finding ways to cope up in dealing with the absence of their partners.

Some people resort to using adult toys to relieve themselves from the lack of physical intimacy due to their partners being afar. Women use dildos and vibrators while men use masturbators and massagers like Autoblow Prostate Blast

However, long-distance relationships suffer more than just the physical needs. It is undeniably a psychological and mental battle at the same time. Hence, understanding these circumstances will help you one way or another. Here are a few points you should remember when entering into a long-distance relationship.


Quality Time Together

Imagine meeting up again coming from a very long time away from each other. It will be a super exciting moment. It will be a time when all you’ll do is just be with the person for the rest of the day. There will be a bunch of hugs and kisses. Hence, a time well spent indeed.

Genuine Appreciation

Being away from one another makes you realize how much you really appreciate your partner. It will give you the feeling of wanting to hold them again sooner. You will appreciate every detail of their being. You will pay attention to their gestures more as well as the very detail of their face.

Time for Self

Long-distance relationships give you more time for yourself . The time you are supposed to spend with your partner will become the time you will have to spend with some other things, including yourself. Thus, you should take that opportunity to give yourself enough time to do the things you love. Relax and be at peace with your own company.

Builds Trust

Being in a long-distance relationship builds trust. You have to trust your partner to stay faithful to you while you are both away from each other. There is no better foundation for a strong and lasting relationship than trust.

The Connection is More Than Physical

You will realize that your relationship is more than just the physical aspect of it. You will come to appreciate that you are genuinely into your significant other. You are with them in thought. Hence, knowing that you are wanted not just because of you being around is something you would love to hear while in a long-distance relationship.


Missing Out

You will miss a lot of things. More importantly, you will miss the touch, the hugs, and the kisses, the voice, the moments you had together, etc. This is by far the saddest setback of being in a long-distance relationship. The worst part is that you can’t do anything but wait until you see each other again.

Breaks Trust

Long-distance relationships fail because one party breaks one’s trust. Usually, this is where cheating comes into play. If missing out is the saddest part of being in a long-distance relationship, broken trust is the most painful setback there is.

Stagnant Conversations

The longer the long-distance relationship lasts, the more stagnant the conversations become. This is inevitable, though. In fact, every relationship will eventually experience lesser and lesser conversations along the way.

Hard to Sustain

Long-distance relationships are definitely hard to sustain. This is one of the reasons why LDR fails. You cannot provide all that is necessary for a relationship to survive while in a long-distance relationship. Here comes missing out, as emphasized above.

Emotionally Demanding

What drains most people is the emotional weight that long-distance relationship imposes. You will need to keep attending to your partner on a daily basis, if possible, through chats and video calls. Sometimes you just can’t take this kind of routine anymore. You will say to yourself, “I need a break.”

Will End Sooner

As expected, many LDRs end sooner. The reasons are stated above. One can only think how hard it is to be in a long-distance relationship. Although some lucky couples survive, however, a more number of couples are deemed unfortunate.


The advantages and disadvantages of long-distance relationships are your guides to whether to enter one or simply survive one if you are already into this type of relationship. Even though most LDRs lost the battle, there are those who are still in the fight and are winning.

Remember, the measure of your love for someone is not as simple as the words “I love you” or the gifts you give. It is in your ability to keep going amidst circumstances that threaten your relationship.

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