Marijuana Strains: The Top 4 You Should Know

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Some of the pot smokers are on the lookout for serious high. Gone are the days when people found it challenging to get strains with even 10% THC concentration. You can now easily access strains with as much as 20% without making any extra efforts. Some great news for smokers is that people are now discovering more potent marijuana strains regularly. Are you one of those who are on a journey to get high? If yes, then keep reading this article!

The GodFather OG

GodFather OG is a hybrid of indica dormant. This strain is famous for having 34% THC, a high percentage. Some sources suggest that this strain is the hardest on the planet right now. Another important thing about this strain is that it contains active THC. GodFather is grown in the CHR. Some experts think this particular strain is a cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. The extra higher level of THC in this specific strain makes it the most powerful on earth. Smokers swear by its name and claim to have had great experiences with this one. Developments like these are a result of the seed banks that allow shipping to USA


This strain had the title of being the hardest strain in the past because of the high 32% THC level. People consider this strain of marijuana to be one of the least known strains because of its mysterious properties. It is deemed to be mysterious because people don’t know about its genetic history. However, some people do believe that this strain has its roots in the Thai marijuana breeds. This strain creates a cerebral high that is extremely powerful and wonderful at the same time. Learning how to control the high produced from this strain might take some time—people suffering from work anxiety claim to get extreme mental relief after smoking this strain. 

Irish Cream

Selective breeding of marijuana has resulted in many great strains, and this strain is one of them. The creator of Irish Cream claims that it has a higher level of THC that reaches 27%. The taste of this strain might not be pleasant for some smokers, but the extreme pleasure it brings makes the flavor’s rudeness fade away. The extreme high this strain produces is cerebral at the start. But as time passes, this strain results in intense pleasure and pain relief. Therefore, pot smokers prefer this strain in the nighttime. 

Strawberry Banana

The creation of this stream results from the earnest efforts of the “Serious Seeds” company. They created this strain by crossbreeding Banana Kush with Strawberry Bubblegum. Don’t think from the name of this strain that it is good for beginners. The high levels of near 31% THC in this stream make it one of the most beautiful marijuana strains. Patients who suffer from chronic pain can smoke this strain to get significant relief. 


Finding strains with higher THC levels doesn’t mean that you should start abusing them. Always stay within the safety limits and care about your health. Happy Smoking! 

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