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Moving house: Tips to help you choose the right home

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Moving home can be as exciting as it is exhausting. There are so many things to consider when choosing the right home, whether you’re renting or buying.  

This helpful guide will answer those burning questions you have about moving, from considering costs to keeping it tidy.  

The perfect home means happiness. 

A house that feels like a home is something we all desire and it’s something we strive to achieve when moving.  

The perfect home is more than just décor and soft furnishings. It’s making sure that it’s the perfect fit for you and your family; somewhere that you can relax after a long day at work, and that your children can learn, thrive and grow in. Having enough space to accommodate occupants and guests is as essential as living in a neighborhood that feels comfortable and safe.  Los Angeles movers will help your transition go smooth.

Your home should reflect your lifestyle and you as a person. If you’re a fan of open space and the outdoors, then you will want somewhere with floor to ceiling windows to let in all that natural light. If you prefer to be in your own company in somewhere cosy and intimate, a cottage, studio flat or small terraced house would be the perfect place to settle. Likewise, if you live an ornate and lavish lifestyle then your home should be equally as extravagant.  

Why move? 

There are many reasons why people choose to move to a new house. From needing more space as their family grows, relocating to a new city for work purposes, taking that next big step in a relationship and moving in with your significant other, or simply just wanting to upgrade to something bigger and better. 

Some people see moving as a way of growing, starting fresh and taking on a new challenge. Whatever your reason for moving house, make sure you do it at a time in your life that suits you. Rushing a move can result in mistakes, such as signing for a house that has underlying issues (i.e. damp or subsidence) or not researching the area and ending up stuck somewhere that you don’t like. 

Things to consider when moving house. 

  • Location, Location, Location!  
    Probably one of the most (if not the most) important things to consider when moving home is the location. Where a house is placed could make or break your time there! Do your research and make sure the area is right for you. 
  • Property size and floorplan 
    There’s nothing worse than buying a gorgeous piece of furniture, getting it back to your property and realising that it doesn’t fit! Before you go out and buy items for your new home, request a floorplan from the seller or landlord. Measuring the dimensions of the property and taking these details with you when you’re out buying furniture saves on any mishaps and means that those wardrobes will fit snuggly.  
  • Lighting 

Avoid drab, dull properties with little to no windows. Not only will you not have a view to look out of, you won’t get much natural light or fresh air, both of which are needed to live a happy and healthy life! 

  • Storage 
    Clutter = stress. For a clear, calm mind you’ll want to consider the amount of storage your new property will have. Especially if you work from home as a build-up of objects can be distracting.  
  • Cost of running and upkeep. 

Of course, we’d all love to live in a penthouse apartment or 6 bed country house with acres of land surrounding it. But would buying this type of property impede your current lifestyle? If you’re going to be scrimping and missing out on the things you once loved to do for the sake of having a glamorous house, it probably isn’t worth it. Remember to set budgets and stick to them. A nice home is great, but you won’t want to have to spend all of your time in it! 

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