Reviving an Old Flame: 6 Things You’ll Need to Reignite Your Excitement for Outdoor Biking

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Those that own a bike own one because, at some point, they decided they enjoyed the activity. They invested in their hobby, bought a bike, bought accessories, and expected to enjoy the hobby frequently. Over time, many people find themselves riding less and less until they do not ride at all. The following tips are some great ways to boost the excitement of riding and get back on the bike.

Why Did They Stop Riding?

Step one is to figure out why the person stopped riding their bike. Riding a bike is a love for many people, but it’s also a habit that people build. People love their bikes and purchase many accessories and custom graphics from companies like Senge Graphics. These people do not just wake up one day and decide they no longer are infatuated with riding.

Choosing not to ride becomes a habit. Figuring out the why can be a way to reverse the habit of not going for a ride. Do they just not have time anymore or did they get burned out on the hobby? Knowing the reason why someone stopped riding can help them figure out how to start again.

Remember the Good Times

Remembering how good it felt to go out on a ride can have a person craving the experience again. Motivation will take a person make father then guilt or negativity will. Remembering the sights, the sounds, and the feelings involved can go a long way in motivating someone to get back on their bike.

Give the Bike a Good Cleaning

If the bike is sitting in the back of the garage, pull it out and give it a good cleaning. Air up the tires, check all the parts and give the bike a good thorough cleaning. Taking care of the bike will likely make the person want to go on a ride, even if it’s just around the block.

Set Reasonable Goals

A person that hasn’t been riding their bike likely won’t be able to do so for long periods of time daily. This is especially true if their reason for not riding was that they didn’t have the time. Instead of vowing to go on a daily two-hour ride, aim to go once or twice a week for a reasonable amount of time. Once riding becomes a habit again, the person can aim to increase their ride time and frequency.

Rewards Can Be Motivating

Just as a toddler may get a sticker for learning a new chore, a rider may want to reward themselves for getting back into the habit of riding. Consider a new helmet after a month of using the bike again or a new set of bike decals. Knowing that a reward is in the near future can be great motivation to use that bike.

Ride Somewhere New

A lot of excitement can come from riding in a new place. Taking the same loop around the neighborhood is convenient, but it’s not exciting. Map out a new ride, or several new rides, and make the hobby exciting again.

The decision to ride a bike or to skip a ride will become a habit. Those that want to ride need to find ways to keep the hobby fresh and exciting. By following the tips above, a person can get their motivation back and remember why they loved riding their outdoor bike.

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