Simple ways to look and feel younger!

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We’re all trying to turn back the hands of time, especially as our birthdays edge ever closer and we start to notice things are looking a little different from how they were before. Maybe it’s the wrinkles or dark spots on your face, your body shape is changing, or you’re worrying you’re no longer turning heads like you used to – it’s all too easy to let feelings of age and time make us feel miserable and glum.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! By making some simple adjustments and embracing these changes, you’ll not only look younger but you’ll feel younger too! Read on to find out more.

Consider your eyewear

As we get older, our eyesight can change. You may find yourself reaching for your “readers”, or wearing glasses to drive. Maybe you’re already wearing bifocals and that unsightly line across the middle of your lenses is revealing more about your age than you’d like. Thankfully, progressive lenses from provide the perfect eyewear solution. These clever lenses are the perfect choice for people who are both near and far-sighted, but instead of having numerous pairs or settling for bifocals, wearers can see at various distances throughout their lens. 

Need to head to the store? You need to look through the far-sighted part of your lens. Want to read the menu in the restaurant? Look through the near-sighted part of your lens. Less squinting and fewer pairs of glasses to switch between will keep you feeling young and as they’re available in a wide range of stunning styles, you’ll look great too. 

Stay out of the sun

We all enjoy some much-needed vitamin D, however, as you get older it’s best to quit when you’re ahead. Too much sun can lead to visible signs of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, as well as impacting the elasticity of your skin and making it look slack and tired. Make sure you’re applying an SPF of 30 or above every time you step outside, even on the cloudy days the sun’s UV rays are still causing potential damage to your skin. Of course, protecting yourself with SPF will also help prevent skin cancer.

Be more active

As we get older, our joints get stiffer and we feel less inclined to move, however, if you want to suffer less with joint pain and immobility, you need to move more! The more exercise you do, the more supple and energized you’ll feel. Strength training can also improve density and your coordination and increased blood flow is also good for the brain, your skin and your cardiovascular system! So, go for a walk, lift some hand weights and move your body!

And finally, exercise your brain

As we get older, it’s not just our bodies that need exercising but our minds as well. By keeping your mind active, you can improve both long- and short-term function, as well as improving your concentration levels and your memory. Consider exercising your mind with word and number puzzles, or try something new and learn a new language. 


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