Take A Bite Out Of Life With Strong Teeth

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Take a bite out of life, enjoy it to the fullest! That sounds like the best advice someone could give you. Except that when you’ve got sensitive teeth, you might feel a little frustrated at the idea that your teeth should be the only way to enjoy life. If anything, you could argue that the saying is insensitive to people who feel conscious or uncomfortable about their smile. It’s not that I don’t want to enjoy life, you argue. But I just don’t feel like showing my teeth. 

Understandable, the saying reminds us of a juicy piece of fruit that you could bite into. Life is fresh, juicy, and full of sweetness. You get the image. But you’re still concerned that, to you, that juicy piece of fruit is rather unappetizing. It’s synonymous with sore teeth and discomfort. So, while you’ve got nothing against enjoying the sweetness of life if life were a fruit smoothie, taking a bite out of it is another kettle of fish. 

So, how about making sure you’ve got everything you need to take that bite and make the most of it? 

Don’t let the absentees be forgotten

The average adult has 32 teeth, which include wisdom teeth. However, most people tend to have fewer teeth. Some adults have had their wisdom teeth removed, which means they have only 28 teeth. Sometimes, things go wrong and you have to have one tooth extracted. This could be following an accident, which could have damaged a tooth. Or perhaps, you’ve had a tooth infection that couldn’t be treated, and your dentist has suggested removal. These things happen. However, when one of your standard teeth is missing, it can leave a gap that will put neighboring teeth at risk. Ideally, you want to consider dental implants to protect your smile. Implants will fill the gap and support both your gums and surrounding teeth for a sturdy smile. 

Feed your teeth calcium

Your teeth are made of calcium. However, depending on your diet, you may not be consuming enough calcium to replenish your body. The body requires calcium for a variety of functions, which is why calcium deficiency can have dramatic effects. You can consider taking supplements if you are on a dairy-free diet, for instance. When the body doesn’t receive enough calcium, it can take it from your bones and teeth, which means these become brittle. There are some telltale signs such as teeth sensitivity or abnormal heart rhythm. 

Keep GERD at bay

GERD is short for acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder. This happens when the muscle that controls the passage to the stomach is too weak and fails to close properly. You could experience heartburn or even sore throat when the acid comes back through your throat. Stomach acid can damage the enamel of your teeth, leading to sensitivity and cavity. The good news is that you can control acid reflux easily. It is often linked to your diet. For instance, if you eat a few big meals throughout the day, you can change your habit for grazing, aka smaller meals more frequently. You can also learn to avoid dangerous food groups, such as carbonated drinks or spicy food. 

Our teeth go through a lot, and there’s so much we don’t realize. You may hope that your dental hygiene is enough to protect you from mishaps. But, in reality, understanding some of the factors of good tooth health can transform your perception. Are you ready to take a bite out of life again? 





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