The Benefits Of Living Downtown: Why It’s Worth It

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Everybody has their ideal living location. Some people like to live as far from civilization as possible while others love to be in the heart of the action. There is no right or wrong place to live as long as you are getting what you need from the area you plan to call home. 

Some people may not realize what they are getting into, however, if they have never lived in that situation before, though. A city person dreaming of life in the country could end up regretting it when they move because it wasn’t like their fantasy.

Similarly, if a suburbanite is thinking of moving to the city, they may not know what to expect and may end up overwhelmed from thinking about it. There are loads of benefits when it comes to living close to downtown, though, so if you are on the fence about it then this article should help you understand. 

Let’s go over some of the benefits to living close to the downtown of whatever city is on your radar. 

No commute

If you are living outside the city and commuting then you know how soul crushing it can be. Sitting in traffic for hours per day can really decrease your quality of life. In fact there have been studies done that show that long commutes often lead to stress, anxiety and even sometimes problems with mental health. 

Wherever your job is located in the city, surely there are condos for rent nearby. Which means that you can start walking to work, or riding a bike and not deal with a long commute again. 

Think of what you can now do with that time. You can continue getting up at the same time everyday, but instead of getting behind the wheel, you go for a run or the gym to keep yourself in shape. Or, you could try to get some work done from home before you get to the office so your work day is not so intense. There are a million better things that you can do with that time.

You will also be helping the environment as that is one less car that is polluting the air every day. Cities may seem to not be very environmentally friendly, but when you add up the carbon footprint of individuals, it is far lower for a person living in the city than in the suburbs. 

Easy access to everything

The most obvious benefit is how close you are to everything even aside from your work. In the country or even the suburbs, you are really tied to your car. If you need to run errands you could sit in your car driving all over town to do the simplest things. Errands in the city are usually much easier to deal with since it’s likely you have a post office, a bank and plenty of shops right in your neighborhood. 

Even when you don’t have what you need right at hand, there is usually a subway or tram that will get you there quickly. And the best part is no need to look for parking. Think about how much people pay to park to go to a ball game. When you are in the city, you can pay a taxi to get you there if you don’t want to deal with public transportation for much less than what you spend on parking. 

Grabbing a bite to eat, going to see a show or anything else you have the desire to do is always close by. And you will find yourself seeking out new experiences like going to museums and theater that wouldn’t have been options if you live far from a cultural center just because of how easy it is to take advantage. 

It’s not as expensive as you think

When you live downtown you can actually save money on other things you would have to pay for outside the city that offsets the higher rent you pay for your apartment. We’ve already gone over the lack of commute so let’s start with the cost of cars.

When you factor in a car payment, insurance, the cost of gas, maintenance and wear and tear on a car, you can spend well over a thousand dollars per month. In the heart of the city you can get rid of your car and not pay that at all. 

Yes, you are paying more for rent, but you are not paying hundreds in gas on a commute. Your commute is essentially free. A car is far bigger an expense than many people realize.

There are also savings on utilities. Not only is your apartment likely smaller than the house you may have lived in so you can save there, but the apartments are more energy efficient. An apartment is closed in on its sides by other apartments so there is less heat lost through the walls. And if you are on a higher floor you get the benefit of heat rising so it takes less energy to heat your place. You pay far less on heat or air conditioning than when you live in a big house. 

Some apartment complexes also give you free internet or cable TV and in some cases also a gym within the building. This can also see you saving hundreds of dollars per month. 

You get in better shape

People living in cities tend to walk much more than their suburban counterparts. Cities are made to be walkable whereas in the suburbs there may not even be any sidewalks to walk on even if you wanted to. 

This helps keep you healthier and in better physical condition. Biking to work or to do your errands is usually an option as well. Not to mention the time that you are not spending on a commute can be used to go for a jog or the yoga studio. 


The downside to living in the city is how crowded it can be. This is subjective of course as some people thrive on being in the thick of the crowd. 

There is always going to be a give and take but for many the benefits of living downtown far outweigh the disadvantages.

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