What Should You Do Before Meeting a Sugar Daddy?

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There’s a big difference between meeting up with a sugar daddy and meeting your established sugar daddy. That is, a person you have an established relationship and know well is different than a stranger who goes by the same title. For this reason, it’s important to think about safety when it comes to a first date with a sugar daddy you don’t know in person.

Sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships are perfectly fun alternative arrangements for consenting adults. After meeting a potential sugar daddy online, there are steps you can take to keep it safe and a great experience for everyone. If you’re considering meeting a new sugar daddy soon and want tips to make it a success, read on.

Getting Prepared

You likely know what sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships are all about. Mutually beneficial, they involve an agreement made between a sugar daddy or momma and their sugar baby to provide financial resources or a regular allowance in exchange for companionship. Every sugar relationship is different. For some, the sugar daddy doesn’t pay a regular amount of money to his sugar baby. Instead, he will provide a place to live, pay tuition, or commit to some other agreed upon arrangement. In others, payment comes in the form of regular sugar dates, shopping sprees, and allowances.

No matter what your sugar arrangement, it’s important to be prepared long before your first meet with a potential sugar daddy. This may include making yourself as attractive as possible for your sugar date, or even preparing for things like safety and clear communication of your wants and needs in the relationship.

A great first step is preparing yourself physically. For example, a sugar baby can be any age. If you’re heading into menopause, one way to bring your libido back up is a quick Google search for something like ‘buy vagifem no prescription.’ This estrogen replacement supplement will stave off the symptoms of menopause and could be a great way to get you back in the mood.

Consider what you’ll wear on your date, getting a new haircut, doing your nails, and more. While money might be tight for now, a sugar relationship and being a sugar baby is not the same as prostitution. In fact, most sugar relationships are long term by design, and part of your potential sugar daddy’s terms might be exclusivity and regular meetings at set times. Knowing what you’ll need in return is part of how you should prepare for that first sugar date. The more clear you are about your wants and needs, the better chance you and your potential sugar sponsor will be able to come to an agreement quickly.

Doing Your Research


If you are considering meeting a sugar daddy for the first time, it’s important to take measures now to protect your privacy. Many sugar arrangement sites will allow you to use a screen name or hold off on giving out your last name. Keep your phone number to yourself for now. While you’ll want to be truthful about most of your personal details, keep in mind online security and privacy concerns as you sign up for your first alternative arrangement site. You can save the details and real information for after you have an established relationship with your sugar daddy.

Part of signing up for a sugar relationship should also be doing some research on what other sugar babies like you have experienced in the dating pool. More popular than ever, there’s a lot to learn about these alternative relationships. Learning from their experiences can go a long way in helping you to avoid the same mistakes many sugar babies have made.

Considering Safety


If your sugar daddy has made the mistake of giving out too much of his personal information, you might be able to do some sleuthing to help ensure your safety on your first meeting. There are ways to do an online search to get information on your potential date. You can search if someone is in jail or has a criminal record from the safety of your own home. Keep in mind that not all people are who they say they are on the internet, and, while free access to the internet is not allowed in federal prisons in the United States, it doesn’t mean inmates or people with serious criminal offenses don’t have friends and family on the outside. Take your safety as seriously as you can and use any information you get to do your homework ahead of time.

When planning your first meeting, be sure to leave details of where you’ll be with family and friends. Always meet in public, drive your own car or arrange your own transportation, and keep your phone on you. A good sugar daddy will want you to be safe and won’t be put off by any important precautions you need to take in advance.

Setting Up an Alternative Plan


All the great planning and research in the world doesn’t mean you won’t be Googling things like ‘how to stop cyberstalking‘ after your first meeting. The reality is that online dating is a risk and, because there’s no way to ensure your sugar daddy is who he says he is until you get to know him, you’ll want a plan for leaving a first meeting early. Meeting a complete stranger means having a back up plan for how you’ll leave safely if you decide you’re not comfortable or don’t like him. Consider those details ahead of time.

In the end, it’s possible to meet a kind and gracious man or woman looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, the same way you are, online. In fact, a man with the characteristics you’re likely looking for won’t mind that you take the extra time to protect yourself and get comfortable with him before taking the relationship to the bedroom or behind closed doors. In preparing yourself mentally and physically with an eye toward safety well before you meet him, you’re offering both of you the best shot at a successful sugar arrangement.

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