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Why a catering franchise is a fantastic opportunity in 2021

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While your initial perceptions in 2021 might be that the catering industry is suffering setbacks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, don’t be fooled. On the contrary, the opposite is true. That’s right – catering is currently one of the most robust, diverse and thriving industries in the United Kingdom.

Shifting work models have meant that increasing numbers of people are now working from home. As the UK continues to find its way out of lockdown, it is likely that the WFH or partial-WFH model will become the “new normal” for many of us. While you might be concerned that this is bad news for caterers, think again.

Working from home has presented new challenges, including finding the time for good quality food and drink as a means to unwind and break up the working day. Many businesses have switched models to working from home, and caterers have adjusted accordingly. While food deliveries were once the preserve of people looking forward to chill out with a pizza or curry in the evening or weekend, in recent times the demand for coffees, sandwiches, cooked meals and pastries direct to the door during working hours has soared.

The proof is in the fact that many of the UK’s largest high street purveyors of coffee and snacks now offer a daytime home delivery service – which means there’s plenty of scope for new franchise owners to grab a slice of the action, too.

Of course, with COVID-19 vaccinations being delivered at an astonishing rate and the end of lockdown finally in sight, many caterers are also looking forward to a return to traditional, pre-pandemic working practices.

Weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, club meetings, conferences and corporate events: the list of opportunities for caterers is almost endless. A huge increase in socialising is anticipated in post-pandemic Britain, which means in addition to operating a home delivery service for workers, there’ll also be an abundance of opportunities for franchisees to capitalise on events catering, too.

If you think you’ve got the skills to run your own catering company, but are uncertain of where to start, you should consider a franchise. Investing in a catering franchise means you’ll enjoy all the perks of being your own boss while taking advantage of experience and support from a well-established brand.

Here are just five benefits of franchising a catering business in 2021:

Reduction in startup costs

While any catering business will have initial startup costs, food franchises typically requires lower upfront investments in comparison to going it alone. If you’re intending on operating on a mobile or delivery basis this is even better, as you won’t need to lease a property with prime location for lunchtime footfall. Food franchises are fantastic low cost franchises with often low overheads and high returns.

Take your business to your customers

Food franchises are able to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing the traditional food and drink industry at present – namely getting customers through the door. Even in a post-lockdown world, it will take considerable marketing efforts to create a brand reputation from scratch in order to pull in the crowds.

As a flexible mobile caterer, you’re able to take your products directly to your customers – whether that’s home delivery, office delivery or event coverage, such as a wedding or conference. As a franchise owner, you’ll be able to use your initiative to make your business a success, all while having the backing of an established brand behind you.

Your services are in demand

The demand for catering companies is clearly on the rise, and the industry needs enthusiastic individuals to plug the gaps in the market. Whether you’re offering freshly roasted coffee and delicious pastries or unique and interesting takes on global cuisine, your services as a franchise owner have never been more sought after – and as the UK opens up, so too will your market possibilities.

You’re free to follow your passions

If you’re the sort of person who possesses the ability to communicate and thrives in busy working environments, a catering franchise could be the perfect venture for you. Of course, it helps if you’ve got a passion for food and drink – and if that’s the case, a franchise will offer you plenty of creative freedom.

While a franchise won’t offer you complete control over how the business operates, it will still provide you with flexibility and plenty of opportunities to improvise. You’ll also get to pick your own projects and set your own goals – all while enjoying the support network of a hugely successful brand.

Choose your own hours

One of the biggest advantages of owning your own franchise is that you can choose your working hours to fit around any personal commitments you may have. Some franchisees choose to work part-time while raising children or focusing on another occupation, while others throw themselves fully into their new franchise. The choice is entirely yours.

If you’ve got a passion for food and drink, and have been tempted to enter the catering industry but feel you would benefit from the support of an established brand, why not consider buying into one of the many food retail franchises for sale today?

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