Why Buy Scrap Catalysts?

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Scrap vehicle catalysts are often bought by both private companies dealing with processing raw materials and cat manufacturers. The point is that producing new devices of this type requires a large amount of Pd, Pt, and Rh. These metals are much easier and cheaper to be reused. 

Therefore, used devices which can be no longer operated as intended are bought as a source of precious materials.

Buying scrap catalysts for recovering metals is quite a profitable business. In addition, it plays a very important role for producing new cats, since these materials are not found widely in nature. Let us tell you how to make more money in this field.

How Much Scrap Catalysts Cost

The price of each particular car cat depends on various factors:

  • vehicle type;
  • engine type (diesel or gas);
  • country of origin;
  • the degree of wear, etc.

The larger engine, the bigger catalyst it requires. The larger area of honeycomb coating, the more metals are used. If you are looking for cat scrap to make more money, pay attention to SUV devices produced in Japan and Germany. As a rule, the catalytic coating of cats made in these countries is thicker.

The engine type can hint at the content of certain metal types. Diesel engine cats are typically richer in platinum. If you are interested more in rhodium and palladium, gas engine cats are more useful.

In addition, the amount of residual precious metals is also determined by the condition of a device. It means that mechanically damaged or clogged cats contain more expensive materials that can be recovered and sold.

For those who want to be informed in the proper time about the best variants it is important not to waste time on monitoring the market. Luckily, there is one place where you can easily find the most advantageous offers.

Check out the price for catalytic converter scrap at, where more than 24,000 used cats are available at the moment!

The Roles Of Precious Metals For Catalysts

Typical catalysts in which the coating of the internal honeycomb element contains different proportions of Pt, Pd, and Rh turn unburned hydrocarbon into carbon dioxide and water, carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen.

Platinum makes oxygen molecules to decompose into atomic radicals which intensify the combustion process. This makes it possible to reduce combustion temperature. Besides, due to oxygen radicals, carbon deposits on the cylinder walls also begin to oxidize and eventually disappear.

Palladium behaves pretty much in the same way. In simple English, these two metals can be imagined as a metal sponge absorbing hydrocarbons. As for the absorbing capacity of palladium, this material can take in exhaust emissions 900 times its own weight.

Rhodium is used as an inhibitor in the formation of nitrogen oxides and also destroys all existing nitrogen oxides.

On Auto Catalyst Market (the link is above), the current prices of Pt, Pd, and Rh are indicated. The most expensive metal is rhodium (on average, $550 per gram). Then comes palladium ($74) and platinum ($35). But the prices may vary significantly. So, visit the website at least to monitor the cost changes.


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