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3 Practical Wine Decanter Cleaning Measures

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Are you planning a soirée, wine lover, or occasionally enjoy a few glasses? It is no secret that decanting allows you to enjoy the wine better. As you pour the wine from its container to the decanter, some air to get in. What’s more, as it sits in the decanter for some time, for example, 30 minutes to a few hours, you allow it to breathe, softening the tannins and releasing gases that develop due to oxygen absence. The bottom line; decanting lets you get more flavor and aroma out of the wine. Decanting has and continues to be a popular exercise. Today, you can find an array of options to choose from as you shop for a wine decanter. Check out Peugeot’s collection, find an option that best matches your exquisite taste, and buy a quality wine decanter.

Wine decanters are available in a range of designs, sizes, and shapes. The best thing is that you won’t have to break your bank to buy an amazing decanter. Buying it is not the end, though; you need to maintain it to ensure it serves for well and for long. Among the challenging areas is cleaning the wine decanter, especially sophisticated designs that double as a decorative piece in your room. Whether you forgot to rinse it, and now you have to deal with wine stain or are new to decanting and learning the ropes, cleaning isn’t always an easy task. You might be tempted to use soap and warm water, but that is likely to leave some residue that can affect the wine flavor. The dishwasher isn’t ideal either, as it is too rough. Here are a few practical cleaning tips to keep your wine decanter shining.

Vinegar and ice

White vinegar and water make the wine decanter process a lot easier and productive. Rinse the decanter with warm water. Pour near-boiling water and let it soak, on average, for ten minutes. For the sophisticated designs, grab cheesecloth and wrap it on a spatula or other kitchen item that can help you gently scrub hard-to-reach areas such as curved sides. Pour white vinegar, ice, and water, and gently slosh it around. Rinse the wine decanter, and for a thorough effort, you can scrub again.

Ice and salt

The approach works best if you didn’t leave the wine decanter to accumulate considerable stains. A few salt pinches and some crushed ice works like a liquid steel wool pad. Careful though, don’t shake it so hard; more like a swirl will do the trick. Afterward, rinse the wine decanter with room-temperature water and leave it to air dry.

Ice and rice

The method works much like ice and salt but ideal for cleaning wine decanter with relatively no noticeable stains. It is much slower and not as effective while dealing with troublesome stains.

Rinsing your decanter with warm but not boiling water, immediately after use, lets you keep the stains minimal. If the hacks don’t work to your satisfaction, you can always turn to decanter beads. Beads are little metal balls that make cleaning a breeze. Simply put the beads in the decanter, pour in hot water, and swirl. The beads are effective even for those unusual wine decanter shapes. After cleaning the decanter, rinse the beads in warm water; they are reusable.

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