4 Tips For Being Confident In Public

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Confidence is a powerful feeling. Being confident means that you trust yourself and that you can take on any challenges that are thrown at you. However, keep in mind that confidence is very far from cockiness. Sometimes people tend to assume that both words are similar. A cocky person thinks he’s right all the time and claims that he is better than anyone. Meanwhile, confidence is believing that you can do well while staying humble. 

Unfortunately, many people nowadays are still having a hard time building up their confidence. There are several factors that can affect one’s confidence. It can either be past trauma, or his parents have told him something like he wasn’t good enough, or a past mistake that led a person to believe that he can never be good for something. Regardless of the reason, a person that lacks confidence will find it harder to achieve something in life. 

Everyone had a time when they were in crisis for confidence. But the good news is, there are ways to help you build up your self-confidence and be the best version of yourself. Read on below for the four tips to boost your confidence in public.


  • Practice Proper Grooming


Proper grooming is not about vanity. It’s about looking good to feel good. Proper grooming includes taking a shower daily, brushing your hair, putting on clean clothes, brushing your teeth, and other good hygiene habits. By the time you step outside in public, you’ll feel great because you’re presenting the best version of yourself. 

Additionally, you can wear your signature scent with you when you go out. A good smell will also boost your confidence as you leave a good scent wherever you go. Furthermore, committing to your signature scent will make you easier to remember, especially when people smell the same scent you’re wearing from anywhere else. However, keep in mind that in wearing your fragrance, make sure it’s not too strong. When it comes to perfumes, less is more. You can go to this site to know more about the different intensities of scents and know which will best suit you.


  • Take Care Of Yourself


Self-care leads to self-confidence. When you always take care of yourself, you will naturally feel more confident since you’re not abusing your body. Self-care includes doing regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, meditating, and getting enough sleep. In short, self-care means living a healthy lifestyle. 

When you’re living a healthy lifestyle, your body will be in a good and healthy shape. However, this is not about achieving an hourglass body or a body with six-pack abs to be confident. Being in good shape means you are healthy and strong enough to handle any challenges outside, making you trust yourself better.


  • Follow Proper Posture


Aside from cleaning up yourself and following a healthy lifestyle, you also have to watch out for your posture. Do you find yourself slouching unconsciously? If you are, then it’s time to shake your shoulders and perk it up. Suppose you see two people walking together in the street. The first one is walking with his back hunched over and his head down. Meanwhile, the other one is walking with a proper posture and with his head up high. Who do you think looks more confident? 

A person who follows a proper posture will look more confident compared to a slouching person. This may be challenging, especially if your job’s nature is to sit at a desk for 8 hours. But it’s not too late to start over and practice yourself for proper sitting and standing postures. So, pick your shoulders up and start doing some posture exercises.  


  • Be Self-Compassionate


While you’re compassionate for others, don’t forget to be compassionate for yourself too. Being self-compassionate means forgiving yourself whenever you’ve made mistakes, failed, or have made wrong decisions. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The world is already hard enough. Much more, don’t criticize yourself, especially in front of other people, to lighten up the situation. Being harsh on yourself won’t ever do you any good and instead crumple your hard-earned confidence. 

Accept the fact that everyone can mess up. Take your mistakes as an opportunity to grow and learn more. There’s plenty of room for growth every single day. Accept your mistakes, move on, and be a better person.

Wrapping Up

No one in this life was born with immeasurable confidence. If you see someone with incredible self-confidence, it means that person has worked hard in building it up for years. Being confident is not something you get from other people. Instead, it is something you get from within. By following these essential tips above, you’re off to a great start in building up your confidence so you can fearlessly take on any challenges that the world will throw at you.

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