5 tips for growing your brand with die-cut stickers

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Have you recently launched a new brand and are looking for low-cost, high ROI marketing ideas? Or maybe you’re leading a marketing department and have big targets to hit in Q2 2021.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to add some ideas to complement your marketing strategy. New ideas & perspectives are always good to understand, and all of the ideas we present have a core theme – custom printed die-cut stickers.

Before we get started, what is a die-cut sticker?

The term ‘die-cut’ applies to the shape of a sticker. It does not define the material or size of your sticker. Die-cut stickers are cut individually in custom shapes that fit around your artwork. They are not on rolls or sheets. We find the best way to explain die cut stickers is to think of them as custom-shaped stickers.

Why use stickers for marketing?

Here are the key reasons stickers are good marketing tools:

  1. They are low-cost: Lowering costs means you also lower risk and make it easy to try. More tries mean more iterating and, therefore, a higher likelihood of success. Low costs also make getting a higher ROI easier.
  2. Stickers are perceived as a gift: Sending an influencer or customer a sticker, if done in the right way, can be seen as a gift. Giving a gift can induce a powerful, positive response to your brand. We’ll explain more shortly.
  3. They look awesome: A superbly designed sticker brings a smile to our faces. This helps to create positive associations with our brand.

Before we start on the ideas, here’s why giving gifts is so powerful.

In psychology, there is a rule of reciprocity. Giving someone a gift triggers this rule, and the recipient feels compelled to return the favor.

This can mean buying from you an Instagram post or simply by sticking it on their phone or laptop. All of these can be powerful for your brand.

Now let’s jump into the ideas for how you grow your brand with die-cut stickers.

1. Add stickers to your products

Both Apple & Google uses this very effectively. It gets your brand in the hands of your most loyal fans (i.e., your customers). As stickers are such a low cost per unit, this is a great way to ensure they interact with your brand over & over.

2. Try out guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing uses alternative means to communicate your brand message. A great example Puma. They paid Pelé $120,000 to tie his bootlaces in the center of the pitch, in front of millions, at the start of the 1970 soccer World Cup final. Use this inspiration along with lots of Googling to get your guerilla marketing ideas stimulated. 

3. Give stickers to influencers in your market

Find influencers who have a following that matches your target market, and send them some of your products and some beautiful, premium holographic stickers. Once you find the right influencers, there is a high chance they’ll give your brand a mention. 

4. Brand your packaging

Done well, branded packaging gives your customers a lasting impression when your product arrives in their hands. A joyful unboxing experience is something brands such as Apple have got spot on.

5. Custom floor graphics

Large custom floor graphics that are applied outside your retail premises can set you apart. It can help to deliver your brand’s messages to your customer, improving the experience, and again, helping to make it more memorable so they come back time and again.

We hope you have enjoyed these 5 tips for growing your brand with die-cut stickers. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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