5 Tips for Talking to a Loved One about Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss affects people of all ages. The problem is if it goes untreated, it could worsen or cause further health problems. Hearing loss can get in the way of your social life leading to loneliness or depression. In seniors, age-related hearing loss has also been linked to cognitive decline. For this reason, you may want to confront a loved one with hearing loss, but this can be challenging. If you’re not prepared, it could end up being an awkward conversation. Here a few tips on how to tackle this issue.

Research their options

The more informed you are the better. Do your research on the types of hearing loss and possible treatments. This way when you come to speak to your loved one you can give them advice on how to cope with hearing loss, how to buy hearing aids, and how they can improve their way of life. There are many different types of hearing aids nowadays with advanced features. Look into which would best suit your loved one according to their lifestyle.

Give your reasons

Prepare your argument beforehand. Before you speak to them, make a list of reasons as to why they should have their hearing tested. This could be that it’s dangerous for them to drive, or to carry out everyday tasks. Explain to them that it’s also important to protect your hearing, perhaps your loved one is an avid concertgoer, for example. Be positive and encourage them to see an audiologist as a precaution, as this could prevent further problems.

Explain the benefits of treatment

Research the many health benefits of hearing aids. Your loved one may be feeling insecure about their hearing loss and have begun to isolate themselves from society. Explain that with the right treatment, they can get their confidence back. Hearing aids can greatly improve the way of life of people with hearing loss. They’re custom-made and comfortable to wear. Aim to debunk any myths they may have heard and encourage a more optimistic attitude.

Accompany them to appointments

Be sure to make yourself available to accompany them to appointments and offer your assistance in other ways. This way you can communicate on their behalf if they’re apprehensive about seeing an audiologist. Your loved one may even feel too proud to ask for help, particularly a parent. This is because the caring roles have been reversed. Make them feel as comfortable as possible by always being available.

Encourage their independence

Explain that treating hearing loss is a way for them to get their independence back. This can be especially challenging in older relatives. There are however many suitable activities to encourage independence in the elderly. Helping out in the local community can be incredibly rewarding, for example. You can find out more about how to volunteer as a senior online. Once addressed, it can be much easier to live with hearing loss. Be positive with your loved one and make sure they understand the benefits of having their hearing checked.



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