5 Ways To Stay Calm In A Crisis

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We all have those moments where fleeting feelings of fear and dread creep up on us, and it’s often in situations that are unexpected or unfamiliar. This can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety which cause you to sweat, feel nauseous, and even make your body tremble. If you’re alone, it’s generally much easier to control these emotions. However, if your feelings of anxiety are caused by something like a public speech or a mistake made at work, it’s important to know how to stay calm and pick yourself back up to continue with the task at hand. Here are some tried and tested ways of staying calm in a crisis.

Use the grounding technique

The grounding technique is among the most commonly used anxiety strategies. You’ll be well aware of how anxiety can make you feel out of control of your body; from tainted thoughts to dizzy sensations and body tremors, it’s difficult to know how to position yourself. You can, however, take control of your anxiety and provide encouragement by “grounding” yourself. Take a look around you. You can do this by finding something you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. This aids in bringing you back down from your panic attack and allows you to think clearly again. Another great grounding technique is to place one foot on the floor (if you’re seated). This also aids in the regaining of control over the body.

Chewing gum can really help

It can be very difficult to focus when you’re feeling nauseous and your mouth is dry, so carrying around a packet of chewing gum for these moments can really help. The chewing sensation (especially if it’s mint flavoured) will help take care of your dry mouth and the sick feeling in your stomach. Not only that, but chewing will help you concentrate and figure out a solution faster.

You may also consider CBD to help you stay calm in a crisis. You can get them in the form of chewable gummies, or even through using delta8 hemp in a vape. These methods can help immediately calm you down and take away any feelings of anxiety.

Step away from the situation to collect your thoughts

It can be difficult to find a solution when you’re stuck in the middle of your problem. Wherever possible, step outside of the box and give yourself time to collect your thoughts. Think about where the problem lies, how it happened, and then a solution may just come into mind.

Come up with a plan of action

A plan of action is essential in any crisis, even if it’s not the one you were hoping for. Finding a solution (even if it’s not the expected one) will help you tackle your problem and remain calm rather than worrying about not having the perfect result.

Always be honest

Finally, especially when faced with a problem at work, it’s important to always be honest. Admit your mistakes, and prove that you’re going to rectify them. This will help show how trustworthy you are and in the future, help you remain calm when something goes wrong.

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