7 3CE Makeup Essentials to Achieve Korean Look

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The Korean look most people are dreaming of getting boasts a distinct irresistible look. There’s no denying that the Korean culture has invaded major countries by their music, fashion, and beauty trends. With hundreds of products to choose from, it might seem almost impossible to achieve it quickly. However, you only need to do a few things and use the essential products to execute your routine successfully. 

Before we start with the essential products, you have to know that Koreans have different skin as they began to do their skincare routine at a young age. Essentially, they possibly have better and healthier skin than most of us do. That particular factor can make it harder for us who did not get used to that kind of routine. Fortunately, Korean makeup can make it easier for us.

We will provide you with the seven essential products from one of the hottest and the youngest Korean beauty brand, 3CE. Let’s go!


  • Moisturizer


Whatever makeup you will apply on your face, always start with a moisturizer. Some women do their daily skincare routine before applying their makeup which is the best way to do it. Moisturizers can let your makeup stay on longer and nourish your skin. Some makeup products can dry and dehydrate the skin, so it is essential to use this product. We recommend you try White Milk Cream if you prefer a brightening moisturizer. 


  • BB cream or CC cream


Korean celebrities are known for using natural-looking bases for their makeup look. Anyone can quickly achieve it by using compact cushions, BB creams, CC creams, or even tinted moisturizers. Essentially, these creams are much better than your regular foundation as it is packed with benefits that can nourish your skin. 

Choosing the shade that would look closest to your natural skin tone will make your entire look even better. If you are still confused about what to get, CC creams are lighter than BB creams. It provides a matte finish, and it offers more generous coverage. However, BB creams contain more benefits than CC creams. If you prefer BB creams, you should try 3CE Back to Baby BB Cream to provide you a translucent glow and moisturizing benefits.


  • Eyeshadow


Rosy, orangey, and earthy shades look subtle yet sexy look when appropriately applied. We suggest that you use it to the corners of your eyelid and blend it in instead of brushing it all over the crease. It will look more natural and sweet. If you want overall coverage, you can also sweep it under your lashline. Check out Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette. It comes in three types suitable for any occasion. It is easy to use, and it contains versatile shades!


  • Eyeliner 


Eyeliner is vital in a Korean look. It defines the eye shape, and they can alter the eye shape however they want. When you observe them, they typically have thin eyeliner that is pointed straight or downward to create a sweet and younger appearance. The perfect product for this is the Super Slim Pen Eye Liner, designed for a more comfortable and finer application.


  • Glitters


You will often notice shimmers under the eyes of Korean idols. This product is essential to give your Korean look a different glow. Also, it provides a subtle doll-look that is irresistible to look at. We recommend you try 3CE Eye Switch Pot to offer you a more dramatic look.


  • Natural blush


Shades that mimic our natural flush are right for this look. You can choose whatever flatters your skin tone best. Using those shades is vital to keep your entire look youthful and innocent. Don’t miss their best-selling Blush Cushion to give your face a healthy flush of color.


  • Lip color


If you want to master the art of Korean beauty, you need to learn how to perfect gradient lips. First, you need to hydrate your lips for them to look plumper and healthier. Next, apply your lip product to the center of your lips and let it blend into your natural lip color. If you prefer a shinier lip, use a lip gloss after application. You have to give Velvet Lip Tint a try if you want glamorous, highly pigmented shades.


Achieving the most-sought Korean look might be hard when you don’t have the proper process and products you need. Even up to this day, it is still one of the hottest looks worldwide. Use these essentials to achieve it in no time!

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