America’s Most Popular Hats and How They Got Their Names

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Names have meanings and power. That’s why everything has a name. But have you ever wondered where the name of your favorite hat on reputable sites like came from? Why do people call that hat by that name? Well, if you don’t, this is the most opportune time to learn how your favorite hat gained its popular name. Keep reading this article to discover more.


  • Snapback


A snapback is a popular and cool cap across all generations. Moreover, it comes in various styles that fit different cap lovers. But how did it get its name? This cap is named after its plastic adjustable strap that utilizes snap technology to lock. The locking and unlocking snaps at its back gave it the name “snapback.” 


  • Beret


The beret is a popular hat among the men in uniforms. However, it didn’t originate with them. Instead, they borrowed it from Basque peasants. This name was imported into English from French, which came from a Latin worn birrus, a type of hooded cloak.


  • Beanie


The beanie is a popular hat. Its name was first coined in the 1940s as a pet form of bean. The name bean was an early 20th-century American slang that meant head. This word originated as baseball jargon.


  • Bucket Hat 


A bucket hat, aka, fishing hat, is another popular soft cotton hat. It’s a favorite among men and women with a brim that protects one’s eyes and face from the sun. What about its origin? This hat originated from Ireland. Irish fishermen and farmers used to wear it to protect themselves against the rain. Later, the English elite imported and started using it for walking, fishing, and bird hunting in the countryside. They loved it because it was easy to fold the hat and fit it on one’s pocket. That’s why it got the name fishing hat or bucket hat.


  • Dad Hat


Dad hat gained its fashion popularity in the ‘90s, although people used it outside baseball fields in the ‘70s. As television technology advanced and Hollywood rode on its wings, dad hat gained popularity among the masses because actors and celebs wore them. In turn, the public also adopted it as a part of its fashion arsenal. 

But how did it gain the name “dad hat?” Well, dads are not directly connected to its name, dads have shaped their name. It gained its name because people in society believed that the hats were not fitting young wearers’ heads. Thus, they were considered adult caps. Gradually, this idea took root, and it became associated with dads, thus its name. 

However, its popularity has broken the age differences and made it a favorite choice for all people. Therefore, any fashion lover can use this cap to meet their fashion needs without needing to be a dad.

Popular hats have different names. Some are named based on their origin, while others are based on their nature and function. But whatever the source, it’s still important to know the name of your favorite hat. 

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