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Whenever people address the topic of diet, they are mostly relating it to weight. Do you know that our diet greatly impacts the appearance of our skin? There are many skincare products that we can use to care for and treat our skin, but only our diet can regenerate our skin on the inside and the outside.

Every day our bodies ingest substances that have a great impact on the appearance and also the condition of our skin. Our bodies and skin need a balanced healthy diet that includes vitamins, raw minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fibers, and a lot of water. These elements are needed to help take care of our skin. People always strive to answer the question of diet every day through google and reading books. Here is a study that was done on the most googled foods by Myprotein Research.  Some of the benefits of healthy diets on our skin are as follows:


Some studies have linked the appearance of wrinkles on our skin to our diet. That means that a healthy diet can prevent the formation of wrinkles on our skin which in turn makes us look younger. Collagen is the compound that is responsible for the elasticity of our skin hence eating foods that can optimize the production of it is crucial. Foods such as fish, chicken, berries, garlic, citrus fruits, and white tea are a great source of collagen.


Acne is a skin disorder that has been known to impact the confidence of people and also cause other serious health issues. Consuming healthy foods can help us prevent acne. For us to achieve a healthy diet standard, we have required to reduce the intake of sugar. The high sugar level in our bodies aid in inflammations and the formation of acne. Since sugar is very addictive, we can supplement the need for sugar in our bodies by eating foods that have a low glycemic load such as berries, raw carrots, chickpeas, and lentils.


One of the commonest skin issues to both men and women is dry skin. This can be attributed to poor dieting. A balanced diet should have adequate amounts of fats. These fats are responsible for keeping our skin supple and also preventing the loss of moisture. Fats guarantee that our skins naturally stay moisturized. Consuming foods that are a great source of fats such as nuts, avocados, cheese, whole eggs, and chia seeds will provide the needed fats in our bodies.


When our skin appears dull or lifeless, this is because it is not getting all of the essential needs. If we want our skin to start glowing again, then it advisable that we start consuming a healthy diet. Dull skin is a result of deficiency of vitamin C in our body and dehydration. Processed foods are also the number one enemy of our skin. Replacing these foods with natural ones will keep us healthy and bring back the radiance into our skin. Also taking a lot of water is another sure way of keeping our skin radiant. Health experts advise that each day, an average person is supposed to take 2 liters or half a gallon of water. This is not only good for our skin but also the body.

Keeping our skin healthy is not hard after all. Arrogance makes our skin unhealthy which in turn makes us less confident about our appearance and even causes other health complications. Practicing healthy eating should now be our topmost priority if we want to retain the youthful glow of our skin instead of opting for skincare products that are essentially chemicals.

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