Delicious Mocktails for Alcohol-Free Fun

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Reports show that the consumption of alcoholic drinks is on the rise all across America, with the average American consuming 2.3 gallons of alcohol every single year. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a beer or glass of wine from time to time, it’s also clear to see that these high levels of consumption can cause a lot of problems too.

Alcohol is linked with a lot of issues like auto accidents, injuries, peer pressure problems, and health issues too, and a lot of people are deciding that enough is enough and looking for non-alcoholic alternatives to enjoy when out and about with their friends or arranging parties in the comfort of their own homes.

We’ve seen a lot of alcohol-free beers and wines hitting store shelves to cater to the growing number of people wanting to reduce their consumption levels, and while there are plenty of new and tasty options out there, nothing quite beats a classic mocktail. Fruity, fresh, and packed with flavor, the best mocktails let you enjoy all the fun of an alcoholic drink without any of the risks of DUI charges or bad behavior. Here are some of the best options to try.

Virgin Mary 

Everyone is familiar with the classic Bloody Mary cocktail for its ‘hangover cure’ reputation and unique, fiery flavor, but the Virgin Mary lets you get the same great experience without any alcohol content. You can make this with tomato juice, black pepper, celery salt, Tabasco sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, adding in a little cayenne pepper and horseradish if you want some extra heat.

Lime Rickey  

If you’re feeling thirsty and looking for a mocktail that really hits the spot, the Lime Rickey is a fine choice. This one is made with lime juice, seltzer water, and sweet syrup to balance out the bitterness. It’s a great choice for those sunny days and pairs really with a wide range of food too, from tacos to seafood.

Thanksgiving Punch 

If you’re looking for a big bowl of juicy fun you can share with the whole family at Thanksgiving (or other special occasions in fall and winter), the Thanksgiving Punch is a perfect choice. This mixture is made with seasonal fruits like cherries and apples, along with grape juice, cinnamon sticks, and a few other ingredients to give it a rich, warming flavor.

Shirley Temple 

Named after the legendary actress, singer, and diplomat, the Shirley Temple is popular with people of all ages and often even appears on kids’ menus at family diners due to its sweet and fruity nature. It’s made with ginger ale, grenadine, and a blend of lemon-lime soda.

Hot Not Toddy 

A typical Hot Toddy contains whiskey as a key ingredient, but you can easily leave out the liquor and simply blend hot water, honey, lemon juice, and finish it off with a cinnamon stick for this soothing blend. It’s a really great drink to enjoy in the winter and can even help people who are suffering from a cold feel a little better.

Arnold Palmer 

One of the most iconic mocktails of them all, the Arnold Palmer is named after its creator, who also happened to be one of the best golfers of all time. It’s simple to make, involving nothing more than iced tea and lemonade, and it’s one of the most refreshing mocktails to drink down on a warm and sunny day.


A Sundowner is another terrific mocktail choice you can easily put together to share with friends or enjoy solo. All you’ll need to make it is some white grape juice and a little sparkling water, plus a few leaves of mint and ice cubes to complete the concoction. It’s a really light and refreshing drink, perfect for sipping in the evenings as the sun goes down.

Peach Sunrise 

The classic Tequila Sunrise is one of the most popular cocktails out there, and the Peach Sunrise lets you enjoy that same sweetness and rich fruity flavors without the worries of any alcohol content. Use lemon-lime soda and peach juice to put this one together, with a little grenadine to finish it off and give it that distinctive ‘sunrise’ look.

Final Word

Here are just some of the most delicious mocktails you can enjoy in the evenings where alcoholic drinks simply aren’t desired. It’s clear to see that there’s a lot of fun to be had with mocktails, and you can play around with each of these recipes with all kinds of extra ingredients and surprises to truly make them your own.

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