Get to Know the Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think. Statistics show that around 50% of men will have experienced some form of the condition by the time they reach their fifties.

Luckily, erectile dysfunction (and other conditions related to male impotence) can be treated very effectively with common and easily available treatments. There’s no need to suffer in silence if you’re struggling to maintain erections; seeking help is the first step toward fixing your problem.

However, in order to beat the condition, you need to learn all the facts about erectile dysfunction. The first step toward addressing any medical condition is coming to understand the factors that cause it and the things that can make it better.

Read on as we delve a little deeper into erectile dysfunction facts.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction Is Actually Pretty Common

As noted at the beginning of the article, half of all men in their fifties will have experienced some form of erectile dysfunction. This might not mean a complete inability to get an erection; men are said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction if they cannot maintain hardness to the degree that is required for sexual activity.

As you might have guessed, ED becomes more prevalent with age. It is relatively uncommon for men in their twenties to suffer impotence issues (though it can and does happen). However, for men in their eighties, it is much more commonplace.

  1. There Are Many Different Things That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

One of the least-talked-about subject areas when it comes to erectile dysfunction is its cause. The truth is, many different things can give rise to it. Nowadays, doctors and other experts believe there are three main causes of ED-related issues. These are:

  • Inadequate blood flow to the penis, which can be exacerbated by smoking and high blood pressure, among other things
  • Poor penile blood storage, which leaves the penis unable to maintain an erection for extended periods
  • Failure of nerve signals to reach the penis, which can be caused by damage to nerves or other illnesses

You’ll have to consult with a doctor to see which of these is most relevant to you.

  1. There Are Several Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Medication is perhaps the best treatment for erectile dysfunction issues. While other therapies can find some success, medicine works for more men than anything else.

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Learning the Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Learning the facts about erectile dysfunction is a necessary first step if you want to overcome the difficulties posed by the condition in your own life. The truth is, while erectile dysfunction can be hugely upsetting and disruptive to your sex life, it is more common than you think and also entirely treatable.

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