Gifts That Will Hit The Right Note For Any Music Lover

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Choosing a gift for the music lover in your life might seem like an impossible task. After all, music can take many forms and how everyone consumes music is different and personal. From traditionalists to more modern listeners, music’s love can be as vast as it is enjoyable.

Choosing the best gift for those with love for listening to and creating music can be easy if you know where to start.


Many people can access music directly from their mobile phones, meaning they experience a wide range of music at the touch of a screen. But listening digitally isn’t the only way to enjoy music. For many enthusiasts, collecting different equipment to help them explore different musical styles or tones thanks to how they listen, not what they listen too can be as much of an experience as hearing a song for the first time.

Products such as a Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad USB Portable Record Player, or top of the range headphones, or even investing in a cassette or CD player to really listen to how music sounds different across different platforms can help them to fully explore everything music has to offer from across the generations.


Gifting tickets for concerts, festivals, musicals, or recording can be an immense experience they may not otherwise get to have. Discovering their favorite artist or show and buying them tickets to see them live is a great way for them to do something they love and create memories that will last forever.


From signed merchandise to books, clothing and more, there is a vast range of memorabilia for pretty much every artist or music genre you can think of. Indulge their passion by giving them an item associated with their music style of choice or artist.

Pick from items such as a customizable doormat or vinyl record-shaped coasters to mugs, wall art, and much more.

Video message

Many stars are now engaging with fans via video messaging services. Users pay for an individualized recording from their favorite artist to surprise over ones with a truly unique gift. Not all artists do this, but you can filter out different genres, TV shows or films, to find the perfect one to record with. You can choose to pay for one to one zoom calls with their idol for something that will really wow them!

Music subscription

With more and more subscription boxes becoming available, the options to gift become more diverse. Choosing a music subscription box, specifically a subscription that allows you to give a vinyl subscription. The recipient can choose three songs per month to experience music for the first time on vinyl. A music listening experience many people say is like no other

Alternatively, you can look for a more specific subscription box that caters to their music taste and can give them a surprise through the post based on their favorite music, era or artist.

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