Going Green? Tips To Embrace A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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The environment is a subject of great interest at the moment. More and more of us want to do our bit to protect the planet, but how do you go about making changes that will actually have a positive impact? In this guide, we’ll offer some top tips to help you embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Greener commuting and travel

It’s no secret that moving around more has contributed to significant increases in carbon production. Human beings travel daily, often taking long journeys to explore far-flung destinations and experience adventures. If you love to travel, or you commute to work every day, there are simple changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint. Consider swapping driving for cycling or walking to work, use public transport or replace gas-guzzling bikes, trucks or cars with electric motorcycles, cars or hybrid vehicles. Look for airlines and travel companies that offset carbon emissions and provide eco-friendly activities and tours and think twice about making non-essential journeys. If there is no alternative to driving to work, you could investigate car share schemes or speak to your boss about working from home more frequently. 

Using less energy

Be honest. How often do you leave appliances on at the socket or walk out of a room without switching off the lights? Many of us are guilty of wasting energy. If you’re keen to go green, reducing energy consumption is a great place to start. Turn off appliances rather than leaving them on standby, swap traditional bulbs for energy-efficient alternatives and turn the lights off when you’re not in the room, invest in smart appliances to save energy, and insulate your home. Using a smart meter can help you keep tabs on usage. 

Reducing plastic usage and recycling

Plastic usage is a major environmental problem. Every day, it is estimated that 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our seas and oceans. The good news is that it is very easy to reduce plastic usage. Recycle items, swap plastic bottles and cups for reusable alternatives, replace plastic bags with canvas or cotton shoppers and look for products that are packaged using sustainable materials. It’s also beneficial to recycle other materials, including paper, metal tins and cans and glass. 

Reducing waste

Many of us buy more food than we need, we purchase clothes we never wear and we throw things away without thinking twice. We have become accustomed to fast fashion and being able to buy any kind of product at the touch of a button. If you throw food away because you’ve cooked too much or bought products you haven’t even opened, or you’re guilty of buying things you won’t use, try to make a conscious effort to reduce waste. Make a shopping list, use leftovers to rustle up meals or snacks and ask yourself if you really need to add more items to your online cart. Recycle or donate anything you don’t want or need anymore and try to shop more sustainably. With clothing, for example, invest in pieces you’ll wear frequently and buy from brands that support environmental causes or utilize sustainable materials.

Are you looking to go green in 2021? If so, take these tips on board to enjoy a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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