How to Drive Sales Using Instagram Shopping

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When it comes to the social media phenomenon, one of the most fascinating things about it from a business standpoint is how it eventually becomes a foundation for the selling of products. Whether or not it was the original intention of the developers, most social media platforms eventually turn into a hub where various businesses can sell products and experience a substantial amount of success. Even video streaming social media platforms such as YouTube have content creators making plenty of money not just from advertising deals, but selling their own merchandise.

With the social media landscape being filled to the brim with opportunities, it is only natural that businesses want to take advantage of social media platforms early on. Instagram would be one of the few social media platforms at the top of the priority list, as there are so many ways to develop marketing campaigns with the help of a quality social media agency San Francisco.

The interesting thing about trying to drive sales using Instagram shopping would be the big differences between the principles and priorities of the platform compared to what has to be done. It is the reason why some business owners might have a challenging time trying to boost sales utilizing Instagram, while some savvy company owners can get ahead quickly. Here are a few methods to help drive sales using Instagram shopping!

First and foremost, build your business Instagram account

It would be understandable if the first thing to pop in a company owner’s head when it comes to Instagram would be selfies, vlogs, and various other methods to help share various life stories with the rest of the world. After all, it is the way Instagram is built, and it actively encourages users to share with others and have a bit of fun in the process. However, Instagram for business is a different beast, which means sharing stories about the last big vacation will do very little to drive sales (unless they are a social media influencer).

As a matter of fact, there is little point in adding too much of a personal touch to a business Instagram account. It is often better to leave that to a more personal account — and it would be a good idea to keep it separated from the business account for privacy’s sake. Maintain a professional attitude when interacting with potential customers, and keep the account all about business.

Keep yourself as recognizable as possible

One of the reasons why the use of social media agency San Francisco is wholly recommended is the fact that the main goal is to remain consistent and recognizable. With years of experience under their belt, a skilled social media agency can help drive sales by providing a clear picture to the target audience. Having the same business name and photo all throughout the various posts can go a long way to boost brand awareness.

For example, any interaction with clients or supporters will include a thumbnail of the company’s image. While it is always a good idea to have an interesting brand image, making it too complicated is unnecessary. A rule of thumb would be to figure out if you can incorporate two or three ideas representing the business into a single image. Keeping things as simple as possible allows people to immediately recognize the business no matter where the company might post. It is the reason why people immediately recognize McDonald’s, Starbucks, and various other brands.

Make sure to link to the primary business website!

Staying recognizable is nothing without the proper links, which is why link building is crucial. The profile should always include the link to the main website, and the website itself should be as optimized as possible. For example, those that click on the link likely already know what the company is all about, which means a long-winded paragraph on the homepage will only turn people off. When it comes to driving sales through Instagram, the best thing to do would be to develop a headline that gets straight to the point and tells as much about the business as possible in as few words as possible.

While such a thing is easier said than done, developing a general mindset of getting straight to the point can help improve sales in a big way. Most Instagrammers are shoppers as well, and they will only give a website outside of Instagram ten or so seconds to figure out whether or not it is worth visiting. Keeping things short and sweet ensures that most Instagrammers give the primary website a chance.

Post a link to the mobile app as well

Instagram is largely a mobile app, as a large percentage of the audience much prefer utilizing the mobile app over anything on the browser. It means that if the primary website is only browser-friendly, the business owner will have a hard time driving any sales. One of the most substantial things a company owner can do to help drive sales not just on Instagram but anywhere else would be to make use of a mobile app as soon as possible. 

Working on a proper mobile app ensures that most online shoppers have their preferred method of shopping available at all times. It can almost be mind-boggling how much revenue a company can rack up by adding a superior mobile app that sells its products and services. For an Instagram business linking their primary website, ensure that the company advertises the mobile app as much as possible.

Aside from the essential tips above, a focus on content marketing could also help drive sales on Instagram. For example, if some shoppers are on the fence about purchasing a particular item from the company store, having articles that encourage users to make a purchase will go a long way to driving sales. Keep in mind that all Instagrammers are shoppers at heart, and the use of professionals from a reputable social media agency San Francisco can do much to drive sales on one of the most popular social media platforms available.

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