How to Find Ultra-Soft Hoodies That You Can Wear Anywhere and Everywhere

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When it comes to getting dressed, there’s nothing quite as comforting as pulling on an ultra-soft hoodie. Whether you want to work, study or play, your favorite hoodie is always there for you. You can layer it in winter to stay warm, and you can count on it to take the cool edge off summer nights. The only thing better than having one killer hoodie is having a few go-to hoodies that you can keep on rotation.

Finding hoodies that are super comfortable and look great can be hard, though. You want something that is ultra soft both inside and out so you stay cozy. Of course, you need a hoodie that’s made from high-quality materials that won’t have all those annoying little pills of lint from being washed a few times either. So what’s the secret to finding ultra-soft hoodies that you can wear anywhere? Get to know your fabrics, read some reviews and find a style that matches you.

A Tale of Two Hoodies

No doubt you have that one hoodie in the back of your closet that looks cute but isn’t comfortable when you put it on. The fabric feels rough and the inside doesn’t have a soft layer of fuzz. You also have a go-to hoodie, which has stayed soft inside for dozens of washes and fits just right. So, what’s the difference between these two hoodies? How do you avoid buying a rough, uncomfy hoodie again?

Check out fabric quality. The worst hoodie you own and the best hoodie you own are probably made of either 100% cotton or an 85% cotton, 15% polyester blend. They might sound the same, but not all blends are created equal. Shop for hoodies that boast using ultra-soft cotton, French Terry or bamboo fabrics. These higher-quality choices provide greater comfort and fit than that basic cotton hoodie hiding in the back of your closet.

Three Comfy Hoodies Every Woman Should Own

This basic French Terry Hoodie from Champion is perfect for late summer and early fall days. French terry, sometimes called terry cloth or simply terry, is a looped fabric that’s more lightweight than traditional sweatshirt material. It absorbs moisture well, making it perfect for the gym or an adventurous day outside.

Our favorite? The Perfect Hoodie from WkndNation, which sings comfort from top to bottom. Made from ultrasoft cotton and finished with contrast stitching, it’s perfect for casual, everyday wear and as a layering piece for work too. The Perfect Hoodie gets extra points for quickly converting from a full-length sweatshirt to a crop-style sweatshirt with the pull of a drawstring.

You can never have enough hoodies, so be sure to add a bamboo style into the rotation at some point too. Stylish and practical, this Bamboo Weekender Hoodie from Free Fly is ultra soft and ultra lightweight. This is the kind of hoodie you need for your most active spring and summer days, when it’s just a bit cool but you need protection from the sun too. 

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