How to Throw an Amazing Cocktail Party

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Whether you are celebrating a milestone or a birthday, no one needs an excuse to attend a fabulous cocktail party. From the perfect cheese board to the best wine, there are a few things that can be done to ensure that your celebration goes smoothly. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of party planning can sometimes cause hosts to forget the basics to party planning. In this article, we will share the secrets to throwing an amazing cocktail party.

1. Lay Out the Space

When your guests arrive, you want them to feel both welcomed and inspired. Whether your space is big or small, you can rearrange furniture and utilize decor to make the space feel more open. If your indoor space is limited, consider hosting the party utilizing both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Guests should have the ability to move around freely while still having space to mingle with other friends.

2. Pick the Perfect Guest List

After you determine how many guests can fit into your space, it is time to narrow down your guest list. If you want your party to feel intimate, it is optimal that 12 people attend. If you want to throw a larger shindig, consider inviting up to 30 people. In a cocktail party setting, it is best to limit the capacity so that you have the ability to connect with everyone that attends. Invite friends and family members that will be eager to meet new people and socialize with people that they may not know.

3. Source the Best Food and Beverages

If you are hosting a cocktail party, it’s important that you provide delicious food options. People will expect to have the option to sip on either wine or cocktails. You will likely have a signature cocktail that the evening is centered around. Since this will be an event that does not include a full meal, consider sourcing meat and cheese options from a local market. You can make unique charcuterie boards to place throughout the space. Buy a variety of wines from a single vendor so that you can ensure that all the flavors are compatible.

4. Decorate With the Right Greenery

After you choose your guests and the menu, it’s time to decorate. Typically, the best decor includes fresh flowers and greenery. When you use fresh flowers, you are able to bring life, color, and vibrancy into your space. Find a flower vendor that offers comprehensive services. When you find an amazing flower vendor, you can utilize them for events in the future such as ordering inspirational floral art, getting beautiful flowers delivered to your home, and more.

5. Choose a Signature Menu Item

Since it is a cocktail party, you have the opportunity to choose the signature beverage for the event. Take into consideration the season of year, the preferences of the group, and the flavors of the season. Whether you take a modern twist on a Moscow mule or create a crisp cosmopolitan, use fresh ingredients to take your beverage to the next level.


If you enjoy hosting parties, cocktail parties offer a fun way to bring people together in a casual environment. At casual gatherings, guests have the opportunity to meet new people while enjoying delectable beverages. Plan ahead to make sure that your upcoming event is a success.

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