Naughty Gift Ideas Your Man Will Love

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For the guy that has everything, choosing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions can be a challenge. Before you reach for your standard fall-back, like socks, ties, or wallets, get creative.

A naughty gift is easy to customize to your man’s interests, and perfect for sparking some excitement in the bedroom. If you’re looking to break from the norm and give him something he’ll really love this birthday or holiday, keep reading for a few sexy ideas.

Start the Night With a Sexy Preview

Sometimes it’s the simplest gifts that have the biggest impact. If you’ll be celebrating a birthday or anniversary with a party or a nice night out, start your evening with a sexy preview. A Polaroid shot or even a suggestive note, gifted once you’re already away from home and unable to act on it, is perfect for getting his blood pumping. He—and maybe you as well—will be distracted for the rest of the night, and ready to go when you do finally get home.

Gift Him His Fantasy

Every guy has a fantasy or two that he’d love to live out in the bedroom. For many guys, that fantasy involves a favorite TV or film character. With a little creativity and a sexy Halloween costume from a site like 3Wishes, you can put your own superpowers to work and give him the fantasy that’s he been dreaming of.

Don’t save this gift for Halloween; no matter the time of year, a sultry costume is perfect for spicing up your old routine and putting a permanent smile on his face.

If your man doesn’t have a particular fantasy, a costume can still be a great gift. Pick a look you know he’ll love, and create a brand new fantasy from it!

A Board Game

Monopoly and Clue are far from sexy. But a fun, seductive board game can be a great surprise and a gift that keeps on giving. There’s no shortage of sexy board games available today. Opt for a dice game that gives you some unique poses to try. A sexy truth or dare game might have you rethinking your old favorite moves. Other games are designed for play outside the bedroom but get you talking and exploring each other interests, fantasies, and more, so you’ll be ready when the night finally ends.

Boozy Snacks

A six-pack of his favorite beer or a bottle of liquor might be a welcome gift, but it isn’t the most creative. If you want to get the night started with a fun alcohol-themed gift, opt for a boozy baked good instead.

From spiked Twinkies to infused cupcakes, many bakeries now offer a variety of fun adult snacks and treats. You can even bake your own at home. These are great as a gift on their own, or as a fun way to start a night of board games and costumes as an extra-special touch.

Choosing a Naughty Gift for Your Man

Whether your man is harboring a fun fantasy or you opt for some games to add a spark to your nightly routine, any of these naughty gifts can be a great choice for his next birthday, anniversary, or other celebration. Pick one, or several, to show him just how much you appreciate him!


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