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Planning to Add A Vintage Touch To Your Home? Here Are 5 Smart Tips To Do It

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Are you a fan of the vintage look? Do old-fashioned art pieces attract you? Or you wish to infuse just a hint of vintage in your living space? If you want your home to look like a tasteful cottage in the city, you’ve landed yourself on the right page then. With only a few changes, a bit of remodeling and the power of DIY, you can completely change the look of your living space and give it a more vintage appeal. Keep reading to know more.

  1. Vintage lighting is a real thing!

Pre-installed lighting fixtures are usually plain and mechanical and are mostly made and set up to provide efficiency around the house. However, they don’t add any character to the home at all. An easy way to change the look around your home is to change light fixtures. Get vintage-themed light fixtures or if your space is big enough, a vintage-themed chandelier.  

Additionally, small changes in your windows can make a lot of difference too. Aluminum shutters on windows or vintage-themed window sills are the perfect touch that you need for your vintage-inspired home. 

  1. Go for neutral colors

Neutral colors help elevate your vintage look in multiple ways. Most vintage settings and decor integrate warm, neutral colors to be their main characteristics. It gives the entire setting a calm and soothing tone. These neutral tones help the piece of vintage furniture or decor shine even more.

Try doing the same even when buying fabrics for your home — go for fabric pieces with vintage patterns in light and neutral colors. 

  1. Trim works can do wonders

This might take a little more time, efforts and money but this one major change can help your home look like a vintage cottage in the city. 

Add some trim work around the house such as crown molding, window and door casings, paneling, etc. Applied molding can be a cheaper yet effective alternative to this.  Make sure to not go overboard with the trim work; a balanced space looks better.

  1. Change the hardware around the house

While you fixate on major and obvious changes, don’t forget to replace hardware around the house. 

Change the bathroom fixtures and hardware, kitchen taps and cabinets, and the doorknobs throughout the house to match the vintage theme. Switch plates often go unnoticed by people because they are made that way. Change those to match your vintage style. 

If you have curtains and lampshades around the house, changing those are easy ways to add a vintage touch to your space. 

You could also change your door to a paneled one which enhances the appeal of every room. They are easy to find in hardware stores nowadays and very easy to set-up too. 

  1. Reuse, reuse, REUSE!

This step could require the power of DIY! 

If you’re trying to add vintage touches to your home, it is best to use some old, salvaged pieces of decor around the house. You can make use of old fabrics for covers, old suitcases for makeshift side-tables, decor out of antique jars and jugs, etc. Make sure to not fill your house with trash in the name of ‘old’ but articulately curate an array of decor for your home. You could also use polish or stripped paint to make your furniture look older. 

It is the power of small details — the switch panels, doorknobs, and rugs around the house or spoons in the kitchen — that make all the difference in the world. With attention to these small details and some vintage furniture, your living space can be just how you envision it to be.

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