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Popular Foods During Quarantine

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The coronavirus pandemic has brought about major lifestyle changes for nearly everyone in the world. Some of us are staying home much more than usual since children have to attend school virtually, while many companies allow employees to work remotely. 

Being in state-mandated quarantine has also changed our eating habits significantly. Whether you decided to order your groceries instead of going to the store, order takeout more often, or opt for comfort food to deal with the stress of sheltering in place, these are some of the foods that became even more popular in quarantine.  

Mexican Food 

Taco Tuesdays were already pretty popular in most households, but Mexican food got a fresh glow during the quarantine. Restaurant delivery services like Grubhub report that the number of orders for beef burritos jumped 181% during the pandemic. 

In Los Angeles, the California burrito became 286% more popular. This indicates that Americans are eating much more Mexican food. This Mexican entree can be customized to include more vegetables and plant-based protein, so you can easily get a tasty burrito that is in line with your health goals and dietary restrictions. 

The potato taco became 169% more popular as a result of people sheltering in place, as well. This vegetarian option is filling and flavorful and features seasoned potatoes instead of beef or chicken. The potato taco is also a great choice for people who are allergic to soy; soy is often a main ingredient in meat substitutes. 

The chimichanga is another popular Mexican dish that people ordered 195% more often than they did before the pandemic. If you prefer your burritos deep-fried, the chimichanga is likely a match for you since you can still customize it with your favorite ingredients.  


Pizza night is often a family event kids look forward to, but these days, adults have been just as fascinated with this savory pie. Ordering pizza is often an easier option than making a homemade dinner, so it’s a quick fix for families with busy schedules.

Of course, you can also order pizza with healthy toppings so you and your family can get in at least one serving of vegetables with dinner. You can also customize your pizza’s crust, whether you prefer a soft, thick crust flavored with butter or prefer a thin, crunchy crust that is slightly roasted with olive oil. If you are in Illinois, check out the nearest Lemont wood-fired pizzeria for an authentic Italian-style pizza that is sure to satisfy your food cravings.

Cinnamon Rolls 

This food choice was pretty self-explanatory for people with a sweet tooth and for people who are emotional eaters and turn to their favorite sweet treat for a mood boost. Food delivery services brought cinnamon rolls to their customers 205% more often than they did before the pandemic. 

This is an indication that sometimes a sugary treat can make you feel a little better when you’re trying to manage the stress of all the drastic changes you’ve had to make in your life now that you are sheltering in place.  

Cold Drinks  

Taro milk tea and iced lattes are increasing in popularity during the ongoing public health crisis as well. These cold and refreshing drinks offer a boost of caffeine that can help you stay awake if you have to spend hours studying or completing projects for work. Caffeine also improves the function of the brain, which is sure to come in handy when you are helping your children with virtual homework assignments.  

To Wrap It Up 

These are just a few of the foods that have made our days a little brighter during the quarantine. If you’re trying to stop ordering takeout so often, you can learn how to make these treats at home, but it’s still nice to order a sweet or savory treat from your favorite restaurant and enjoy it safely in the comfort of your home.


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