Questions To Ask While Hiring A Child Custody Lawyer

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Hiring a Sylvania child custody lawyer can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing, especially when it concerns your child. There are so many factors that contribute to the family lawyer you would be opting for. They should know how to fight your case effectively so that the court orders are in your favor.

And, part of the whole process of hiring one is asking the right questions. Here are some key questions that would help in appointing a child custody lawyer keeping in mind your best interest. 

For How Long Have You Been A Child Custody Lawyer? 

Child custody cases are always complex, and your lawyer should know how to handle such cases efficiently. Someone with long years of experience would have adequate knowledge and will understand your case in and out. Although years of experience is just one key factor, it plays a huge role in helping you succeed.

 They understand what your case requires to help you win. Inexperienced lawyers might cost you less but, their poor advice and skills might cause you to lose custody. 

The Number and Types Of Previous Custody Cases Handled 

No two custody lawsuits are identical. The right lawyer will know how to help you overcome the tough situation and bring the ball to your court by building a strong case file in your favor. The more the number of cases they have solved and the number of wins, you will feel more confident about your decision.

You should inquire about the number of trials they have gone to represent cases somewhat similar to yours. Ask them first-hand what they think about your case and your winning chances. 

What About Regular Client Communication And Updates?

  • Do they respond to emails regularly?
  • Will they update you on your case status consistently?

A child custody lawyer who would consistently email, update and communicate can make a huge difference in how your case is being approached. Always ask them what their preferred mode of contact is. An ideal lawyer would always get back to you even if they miss your call. 

What Are Your Legal Fees, and Is It All-Inclusive? 

Fighting for child custody is not cheap, and any lawyer who would say otherwise might be someone to steer clear of. No matter how expensive a lawyer is, you might want to ask them regarding their fees. If you have no budget, you can go all out but if you do, negotiating is a good call. Always be thorough with the billing cycle and how they will be charging you. 

What Kind Of Outcome Can I Expect For My Case?

When you go for your first consultation and describe your case, chances are your child custody lawyer already has ideas on possible outcomes. Never rely on an attorney who promises you what you want because nobody knows what the final verdict would be.

When it comes to child custody, you want the best lawyer to represent you. Talk about factors that could influence your case. A good lawyer would know how to strategize and will not provide you with false hope. 

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